Nazar Written Update 13th January 2020: BARKHA AND MOHANA FAXE OFF OVER RAS

The episode starts with Mohana coming to the place where the chaand raat ras is kept. Both the moon lights falls on it. Mohana asks Pratimayan to give the ras to her. Ansh, Piya, Barkha and Nishant sees it.

Ansh and Piya asks Barkha if she’s ready. She agrees and goes. Nishant has fixed Barkha’s hair with fake hologram choti so that she resembles a Dayan. Mohana gets shocked seeing Barkha. She asks who’s she and Barkha says that she’s Mohana. Mohana calls her a lier and says Pratimayan that she’s her daughter Mohana.

Barkha too sees Pratimayan that she’s her daughter Mohana. Mohana gets furious and throws a big rock at Barkha but Barkha handles it well. Piya recalls taking her brother Adrishi’s help to defeat Mohana and it’s actually Adrishi who handled the stone.

Pratimayan asks them to prove who’s real Mohana and she’ll give the ras to them. She says that they need to prove before the two moons unite. If it happens then Mohana can never become Kaali Shakti’s Rani. Mohana asks her to wall on the wall like she does and walks on the wall. Barkha too with the help of Adrishi walks on the wall.

Mohana asks her to show her feet as Dayan’s feet will be reversed. Barkha too shows her feet and recalls Piya giving fake Dayan feet for her to wear. Mohana gets shocked seeing it while Pratimayan says that the time is running up. She says that she herself will keep a test and will give the ras to real Mohana. Ansh and the others gets worried.

Pratimayan creates a shield and says that real Mohana can pass through the shield and get the ras easily. If the other one is human then the moment they step into the shield they’ll die burning. Everyone gets worried while Mohana smirks and walks towards the shield. Barkha too puts up her mask and starts walking towards the shield. Ansh and Piya in order to save Barkha goes and holds Mohana. They pretends Mohana as Barkha and asks her to not sacrifice their life for her stopping her from entering the shield.

Barkha understands their plan and asks Pratimayan to see that she’s real Mohana. Mohana having had enough tries taking the ras but Adrishi takes it before her and pours it on floor creating a massive explosion. The moons too gets united.

Saanvi and Naman comes to the cradles and finds Dafli there. They gets relieved seeing her. Naman hugs Dafli when he finds chudail ring there. They wonder if its Dilruba’s. Ansh wakes up after the explosion and finds Piya on floor unconscious. He wakes her up. Nishant too fakes up and calls for Adrishi. He gets shocked seeing Adrishi’s hands visible. Adrishi says that since he held the ras his hands are visible. They find Barkha too and wonders Where’s Mohana. Naman sees the ring and recalls Dilruba.

Precap : Nishant finds 5 people foot print on floor who took away the remaining ras. Five strange green people enters Rathod mansion.