Nazar Written Update 16th December 2019: Mohana troubles the family in the form of Pari

The episode starts with Ansh nailing Mohana’s coffin. They all leave. After they leave Mohana thinks that they made a mistake by thinking that they ended her completely. She says that her real game is yet to be started. She recalls adding her blood drop in Pari’s soul. She says that now she will leave with them in the form of Pari. Pari smirks at the same.

Piya, Nishant, Vedashree, Chaitali and Avinash where trying ways to control Mohana’s plait. Ansh has took Pari home. Mohana in the form of Pari is wondering about her plait. Adi gives her biscuits but Mohana crushes them and Adi sees it. He recalls Pari’s obsession for the biscuit and felt something wrong. Vedashree and others recall burying Mohana’s plait in ground on their way but it came out as Mohana controlled it using Pari. They try setting it on fire but while burning it tried harming people. Everyone gets shocked. Nishant captures it using Devi maa trishul . Chaitali says they should have locked it along with Mohana in the box. Nishant says that it could be dangerous as Mohana’s powers are completely only in her plait. Nishant gets an idea.

Nishant gives the plait to SarpRani and says that he can’t lock it in Badal as there’s already Pratimayan’s plait. If both gets combined then it will be too dangerous. SarpRani assures him to take care of the plait and they leave. Naman is taking care of his baby and he shows her her mother’s picture and explains about it. He puts her in cradle and goes to get milk. But suddenly the baby Dafli disappears shocking him and then comes back again.

Adi informs Piya about Pari’s weird behaviour. Piya let’s it go thinking that Pari is kind of affected by the recent happenings. So it may be as a result of it and asks him not to worry. He agrees and leaves. Vedashree asks what happened. Piya says about what Adi said. Vedashree also brushes it off. Pari in the form of Mohana is watching everything smirking. Piya sees her and asks her to come down. Mohana and Pari comes in switched form. Mohana wonders about her plait but decides to start her game. She sees everyone in on dining table and decides to find her fist target. She finds one and smirks.

Naman calls Saanvi and informs about Dafli being abnormal. But Dafli behaves normal in front of her. Saanvi scolds Naman and leaves while  Naman gets confused. Mohana in the form of Pari starts her plan. She wears skate shoes. Adi asks what’s she doing but she says she’s just playing. He dozes off. She switches off the power supply and Piya comes to check on the power. Mohana smirks. Saanvi is sleeping and Dafli cries. She calms her down and goes back to sleep. She once again hear her cries and finds her on bed. She he’s shocked and shouts for Naman. She agrees that he’s right. Dafli disappears somewhere again and they both gets worried.

Precap : Mohana attacks Vedashree and Piya sees Pari