Nazar Written Update 18th November 2019: Ansh jealous of Angad and gets romantic with Piya

The episode starts with Angad and Mohana holding hands under the dining table and Pari questions them. Vedashree chides her. Angad tastes the kheer and likes it so much. He asks Piya if she’s the one who made it and she nods yes. He praises her and is about to take more when Ansh also tries to compete him with the kheer. He drops some Kheer on his hand and apologizes. Piya calls him inside and scolds him for his behaviour. Ansh says that he finds something off with Angad. Piya asks what. He says that he’s here for her and not for Mohana. Piya asks if he’s jealous. He denies and says that who’ll marry a Dayan. Didn’t she marry him? She says that love doesn’t see all that and is about to go when Ansh holds her.

Ansh says that ge doesn’t mean to hurt her and Piya asks him to trust Angad. Saanvi calls Piya and informs about the creature Singha to her. She asks her to not let anyone go outside especially Ansh and Mohana. Ansh asks what happened and Piya sees Angad leaving. She insists Angad to stay in the house as its late but Ansh is against it.

Piya insists him and he agrees. Naman, Saanvi and Nishant are searching for details about Singha when Dilruba says none knows anything about it as he will kill anyone who tries finding him.

Piya sees Ansh tensed and what happened. She asks if it’s about Angad. He says that everything is happening is so soon and he finds it weird. Piya says that when both Angad and Mohana doesn’t have any problem then they shouldn’t interfere. Piya finds that Ansh is jealous aa she asked him to stay for the night and calls him cute. They both gets romantic. They hear some creature sound and Piya says to Ansh about Saanvi’s warning. They go to check on it.

Mohana comes to Angad room and finds him sleeping. She removes the blanket to find only pillows. Ansh and Piya are searching for creature when Piya sees some shadow and goes behind it. Mohana comes to Ansh and says about Angad missing.

They both search for Angad and Piya only to find them laughing. He says that he came to get water. Ansh sends them off and Piya enjoys jealous Ansh.

Saanvi and Naman experiments to find Mohana’s next target. They find the footprints joining together to reveal the face of Mohana. The creature is shown and its in Ansh’s House. Mohana finds someone’s presence and goes. Angad calls Mohana and asks what happened. She says about some sound and says that she’s used to dangers. Angad says that now she don’t need to fight alone as he’s with her.

Precap : Saanvi informs Piya that the creatures next target is Mohana. Someone attacks Mohana and she gets hurt