Nazar Written Update 19th November 2019: Ansh doubts Angad to be Singha making Mohana upset

The episode starts with Mohana entering her room to find someone in hoodie but couldn’t see his face. It turns out to be Singha. Piya gets Saanvi’s call who says about Singha and his next target to be Mohana. Ansh hears it. He then sees the footprints of Singha in their house and they both gets shocked. Mohana fights with Singha but Singha hurts her. It escapes before everyone could arrive. They all gets shocked seeing Mohana’s condition. Ansh asks did she see face and Mohana nods no.

 Piya says about Singha being the common enemy of Kaali Shakti and is on a spree to destroy them. She says about it killing all the captured Kaali Shakti too. Mohana says about it having horns. Avinash says that all tye doors and windows of the house are closed. Piya says that it means the creature is still in the house and asks them to search for it. Ansh stops her saying that Singha is still here and looks at Angad.

Mohana and everyone are against Ansh when he says that Angad is Singha. They asks how could he doubt him without any proof. He says that almost all the guests in the house came as guests including Mohana and its his plan to trap Mohana to stay in the house. Mohana stands by Angad and Ansh asks to check on him. Angad agrees. Mohana asks him not to and says that she believes him. Angad says that he knows she believe him but he wants her family to accept him too. Ansh asks Piya the way to identify Singha. She says that Singha has the feet of animals. Ansh asks him to remove hos shoes. He removes it and everyone gets shocked seeing the normal feet. Mohana apologizes Angad on behalf of Ansh. She scolds Ansh for troubling Angad and asks him to not doubt him anymore.

Ansh tries arguing but Vedashree stops him. Mohana informs that the next day is her engagement and everyone gets shocked. Piya asks how could they do her engagement when she has threat for life. Mohana says that she doesn’t want Singha to affect her happiness. She says Piya she doesn’t trust Ansh but she trust her and leaves. Saanvi sees the horn glowing in moonlight and decides to find the reason.

Piya sees Ansh closing all the openings of the house with electrocuted net except main door. She asks if she still feel Angad is the culprit. Ansh says that he don’t know but he just wants to stay alert. He says that none can enter or leave the House without his knowledge. Piya agrees but says that she doesn’t doubt Angad. Ansh asks what if hr is.

Saanvi says Nishant about the glow and says that Singha is either connected with moon or moonlight. Nishant says that they need not wait till night to know it

Precap : Ansh takes Singha’s horn from Angad jacket and shows it to everyone shocking them.