Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Sam learns Anu’s truth

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya Prakash teasing Narayanan. Otherside Surya, Chandru, Anu and Sam are discussing what to do next, as their previous plan got flopped. Chandru suggests to kidnap Srinivasan. The others ask him not to do anything in hurry. Chandru is determined to execute his plan. Just then Surya gets Padma’s call.

Chandru attends it. He says to Padma that Srinivasan refused to come with them and adds that she married a wrong person. He cuts the call. Padma cries hearing this. Jayanthi and Shakaran try to console her. Surya reprimands Chandru for speaking to Padma like this. Chandru says they should excute his plan without any delay and asks who is coming with him. Srinivasan comes running there. He says he can’t live without Padma. The four get gald hearing this. They take him home to give a surprise to Padma.

Raji says this problem will be solved when Annammal will agree to give the land. Padma cries. Pushba asks her to wait until they come back home to know what really happened at Krishna’s home. Raji keeps ranting. Srinivasan comes there. He calls out Padma. The latter gets elated seeing him and hugs him. she says she was scared that he will not come.

Srinivasan says the circumstances were like that, but he can’t live without her. He can’t speak against his dad, but that doesn’t mean he agree with him. He adds Padma is enough for him, he doesn’t need any land. Raji apologizes to Srinivasan for mistaking him. Jayanthi and Pushba ask if he will leave, if his dad ask him to come along with him. Srinivasan says he will answer them after discussing with Padma. They all laugh.

Raji thanks all the four for saving her daughter’s life. Surya gives all credit to Anu. Raji thanks Anu. All appreciates Anu. Anu says she can’t make her plan successful without her team members support. Shanmugam asks what will Krishna do when he will get to know about it. Raji says she will handle him, if he creates any problem. Other hand Krishna asks his wife where’s Srinivasan. His wife lies that he has slept after having the dinner. Krishna goes to his room to check, but his wife stops him saying Srinivasan is sad and asks him not to disturb him.

Narayanan sees Raji and Jayanthi cooking while Sundaram aka Surya Prakash is sitting. Narayanan asks why they’re cooking. Raji says they’re making special meal for Srinivasan and Padma. Annammal comes back home. Padma and Srinivasan take her blessings. Srinivasan apologizes to her. Annammal says she understood his circumstances. Annammal then says to Surya, Chandru, Anu and Sam that they have achieved. Raji apologizes to Annammal for her behavior. Annammal advises her not to act without thinking. Raji realizes her mistake. Annammal gives a life lesson to everyone that they shouldn’t become slaves of money. Annammal then says that she talked to the Josiyar and he fixed tomorrow’s date for the memorial construction’s Boomi puja.

Krishna’s wife phones Srinivasan, when Krishna is sleeping. She asks if everyone accepted him at Annammal’s house. Srinivasan says they all were glad. Srinivasan asks if dad hasn’t searched for him. His mom says that he didn’t know yet that he left home. She then asks to speak to Padma. She requests her to take care of her son. Then Srinivasan asks what she will do, when dad will gets to know that he came to Annammal’s house. His mom says she will handle and asks him not to worry. She cuts the call.

Pushba tells about everything happened there to Subu. The latter asks them to return to Chennai immediately. He adds that if their truth come out, it will create a huge problem. Pushba asks him to convince Anu as she’s admant. Subu asks Anu to stop all the acting and come back to Chennai. He says he’s saying this for her betterment. Anu recalls Meera’s challenge. Anu firmly says she can’t return until she gets the land with Annammal’s permission and win the challenge. She has faith that she can get the land and prove to everyone that she’s talented. She cuts the call.

Anu asks Pushba not to narrate everything that’s happening here to dad and worries him. Pushba asks how Annammal will give her that land, when she didn’t ready to give that land for her own granddaughter. Anu is certain that she will get that land for Prakash Group of comapanies and the factory will be built there. Sam overhears Anu. She angrily glares at Anu. She says she wants to talk Anu and asks Pushba to leave. Anu also asks her to go.

Sam says to Anu that they acted very well like helping their family. She then says she can’t digest that she can cheat her being her bestfriend. She asks her to leave from there with her mom before the next day morning. She really considers her as her friend so she can’t tolerate her getting insulted in front of her family. Anu asks if she can speak now. Sam leaves saying she’s not intrested to hear her lies. Anu asks what she will do, if Annammal questions her like this. Sam stops. Anu then adds that Sam is acting in front of her own family. Sam looks shocked.

The episode ends.