Sathya 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Latha holds Chidambaram coller

Sathya 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sathya gives the nuptial chain to Latha. Latha questions her what’s the need of it now? She will take it on her marriage day. Doctor already informed to Latha that Sathya needs bed rest for 20 days so she postponed her marriage to next month. Sathya scolds her for taking decisions in rush not thinking twice?

Latha says to Sathya that nothing is important to her then Sathya. Sathya tries to explain that peoples starts badmouth on Latha if her marriage date postponed? Girls shouldn’t face such situation in their life because it will continuous life long. Sathya asks Latha to marry on same date she will makes it happen at any cost. Latha hesitates. Sathya assures to her that she will reach on mandap. Latha asks her to give the nuptial chain on that day. Sathya informs to her that priest want to do some pooja for it before marriage. Latha nods with her. Chidambaram enters into Sathya’s ward. Latha walks outside of the room noticing Chidambaram.

Chidambaram enquires about Sathya’s health. He says to her in warning tone that Husband and Wife sended his son in law to jail again. His daughter is crying in his house so he will makes sure that Sathya pay for it. Sathya teases him that mosquitoes are disturbing her.

Chidambaram replies to her that she is teasing him comparing with mosquitoes but don’t forget it’s suck blood. He warns her that Sathya and Prabhu definitely pay for it. Latha questions Sasi who is him? He replies to her that Chidambaram’s son in law tried to kill Sathya. Latha gets angry and holds Chidambaram coller then lashes out at him. Sasi seperates her from him. Chidambaram asks his goons to enquire about Latha’s background.

Selvi is cutting vegetables. Saravana comes behind her and holds her hand. She asks him to release her but he is not listening to her. Selvi slaps him and warns him to stay away from her. Saravana thinks he must try someother way to use her. Slum peoples are entering their names to meet Sathya. Strangers are shock to see the long line. They learns from Nurse about Sathya’s good deeds.

Prabhu says to Sathya that he is going to buy medicine for her. Sasi uses this situation and says to Sathya that she can’t able to call Prabhu as Amulbaby anymore but can call him as Action baby. Sasi narrates all incident to Sathya including that Vinoth attempt to kill Sathya. Prabhu sends Sasi from there. Sathya questions Prabhu how comes he gets this much strong. Prabhu replies to her that nothing came to his mind then Sathya’s safety. He don’t wan to miss Sathya in his life. Sathya and Prabhu shares an emotional eye lock.

Episode end.