Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Mansi argues with Surya

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi scolding Gopi for not doing the work she has given him. Gopi says that he find that Meera is behind Surya and leaves. Mansi thinks that she can’t tolerate Meera anymore and decides to leave the guesthouse.

Chandra tries to convince Mansi. The latter stays firm in her decision. She asks whether she should leave informing Surya or without informing him. Chandra tells to inform Surya, but in a calm manner. Mansi says that he only cares about his brother not her and yells at Chandra. She questions him about the project. Chandra says that he will ask to Meera which enrages Mansi. The latter says that Meera is doing nothing except running after Meera. She further says that Surya and Chandra failed to put Meera in her place. Chandra asks what she’s talking rubbish. Mansi yells that he and his family can only question her not others. Chandra requests her to leave. Mansi angrily walks away.

The staffs are gathered in front of the puja room. Anu performs the puja. Pushba thanks Surya for giving her the opportunity to spend two days with all of them. She further says that Subu isn’t recover yet, so she decided to go back home to look after Subu. Surya says that she can leave after two days and Poorni can take care of Subu till that. However Pushba is worried for Subu and wants to return home. Anu supports Pushba’s decision. Pushba says that she has conviction that Anu will be safe here. Pushba tells Surya to let Pushba go. Pushba tells Anu to he careful. Sapna says that she will miss her food to which Pushba invites Sapna and her to her house for lunch. Pushba and the staffs leave.

Anu asks Surya if he’s upset that her mom is returning home. Surya asks Anu if she told her what happened last night to which Anu replies that if she had told her mom, she would have taken her along with her. Just then Mansi comes there. She angrily asks Surya why they all have come here. She tells to not give the excuse of the project. Pankaj assures that they have for the project. Mansi doesn’t believe him. Surya says that this project is really very important. Mansi asks for project details. Surya remains silent. Mansi says that he can’t give her any details since they haven’t started any project yet. She declares that she can’t stay anymore here. she likes this place, but she can’t digest to have brought her here without giving her any proper reason. Surya says that there is an important reason for that. Mansi says that she doesn’t want to know it now and says firmly that she’s leaving. She walks away.

Ramya and Anu are surprised the way Mansi talked with Surya. Meera comes there and asks what happened. Anu tells that Mansi left getting angry that they haven’t started the project yet. Meera taunts Mansi and adds that Surya always remained silent to whatever Mansi said since she’s his brother’s wife. Meera leaves. Ramya asks Anu how she will manage Mansi after her marriage with Surya. Anu says that Mansi isn’t wrong, but she doesn’t like the way she talked to Surya.

The episode ends.