Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham and Suryavamsam Mahasagam 29th January 2021 Written Update: Anu gets shocked on seeing her parents

Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham 29th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu visiting Annamal’s family land. She takes photos of that land. Narayanan is doing guide work. He tells this land is very important as Annammal decided to built memorial for husband here. Anu asks Narayanan why this land left unused. Narayanan tells he tried to sell this land but Annammal stop him at end time. He tells Anu what happened. Anu asks how they forgave him. Narayanan tells they used to his acts and also they forgave him for his brother’s sake.

Anu tells to Suryavamsam family members about a game. She puts two match sticks together above the coin and asks to remove the coin without making the match stick fall. One by one everyone tries, but they fails. Anu tells there’s no one in the family to win her. She is the winner then. Just then Annammal tells they forget her. Annammal burns the match sticks and succeeds to get the coin. Anu gets excited and kisses hugging her. Annammal hugs her back.

Subu and Pushba come there. Anu gets shocked on seeing them. She asks them what they’re doing her. Annammal asks Anu to call them inside. Anu asks Pushba why she looks worried. Pushba recalls Meera’s words and stumbles to answer. Annammal asks them to get freshen up first then they can discuss. Anu tells first she will introduce them all to her parents. Pushba recognizes Sam and asks about her handbag. Subu introduce himself and his wife. Annammal asks them to stay here. Subu tells they tried to phone and got worried when she didn’t receive their call. After meeting Anu and them, they got relieved. Annammal tells Subu that they gave good upbringings to Anu that anyone would like her. Anu takes her parents to their room.

Surya tells Meera to handle everything in his absence. When Meera talks about japon project, he asks her to cancel all and leave now as he’s busy. Pankaj comes there and tells that London project is worth of 200 crores. He tells he has changed a lot and he indirectly taunts Anu. Surya gets angry. Just then he receives Anu’s call. Pankaj asks who’s on the call but Surya ingores him. Pankaj leaves angrily. Surya tells Anu she seems very happy and what’s the matter. She asks him to guess as he couldn’t she herself tell that her parents has come. Surya is suprised. He asks why they have come there. Anu tells they really love her so that they couldn’t stay away from her. Surya becomes thoughtful. He cuts the call saying he will talk to her later. Pankaj calls Pankaj and asks to cancel the Japan project meeting and walks away. Pankaj tells Surya will be the first person who asked to apply for visa to travel inside India.

Pushba and Subu tell Anu about Meera visiting their house. Pushba tells how she scared them. Anu asks they could have called her. Subu tells they tried to reach her whole night. Anu remembers that she was talking with Surya. Pushba asks with whom she was talking the whole night. Anu lies it’s a office call. Pushba asks Anu why she has come here. Anu tells for a project. Anu refuses to give more details regarding, the projects. Pushba and Subu insist Anu to tell what’s the matter. Anu tells about Meera’s challenge and the vellore project. Pushba scolds Anu for hiding the truth from them. Subu tells it’s wrong to lie to people just to buy their land. He further tells the next they will leave and asks Anu to come with them. Anu convinces them.

The night, Sam is looking for her mobile. She asks Anu if she saw her mobile. Anu tells no. She tells Surya has come to her a while ago but why he would’ve took her phone. Sam angrily goes to Surya’s room. She asks him to give her phone. Surya tells he doesn’t have her phone and asks if she saw him taking her phone. Sam says no but she knows he has come to her room. Surya denies it. Anu comes there. She gives her phone to Sam. She tells she took her phone. Anu advises Sam. She tells she should trust the people she loves. Sam leaves saying sorry to Anu. The latter tells Surya the sorry is meant for him.

Surya and Pankaj are on the way to the airport. Pankaj keeps asking Surya questions like if he has his Visa and passport etc. Surya asks Pankaj to stops the car. Surya takes his luggage and tells hereafter he will go alone and asks Pankaj to leave. Pankaj asks where he’s going. Surya tells he already told him to Switzerland. Pankaj tells he’s his friend. Surya tells he knows him better than anyone then why he’s playing. He adds he trusts him a lot and leaves from there in a cab. Pankaj wonders how love can change one person, he feels like seeing the Surya who he used to be 20 years before. Two goons meet Pankaj. He instructs them to follow Surya secretly.

The episode ends.