Sathya 28th January 2021 Written Update: Kaanchana trapped Raasathi

Sathya 28th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kanmani asking Kaanchana to stop Raasathi coming to the school then only she can replace her place and give speech to all and do flag hoasting. Kaanchana assures to her that she will take care of it. Prabhu brings two girls there and ask them to make ready Raasathi for the meeting tomorrow because she is the VIP guest. Raasathi deny to do it all but her family members are forcing her to do it. She goes with them. They are making her ready. She comes out all dressed up beautifully. They praise her look. While going Iniyan get call so he excuse her and go to company. Prabhu and Raasathi leaves to school. Maruthu notice them and informs to Kaanchana he ask him to leave she will take care of it. Kaanchana thinks that Sathya send her to jail so she gonna take revenge on Prabhu.

Kanmani taking rehersal Gokila comes there and enquire her what is she doing? She reoplies that she is gonna lead the function. Kanmani taking a training how to give speech in english. Gokila ask her to talk in Tamil if she needs clapps. She is praising herself in it. Punitha hears it and thinks why did she giving this much build up. Gokula praising her by mentioning Raasathi. Kanmani scold her for mentioning her name. Gokula ask her to praise her mom too. Punitha tease them. Gokula informs to her that Kanmani is the chief guest of her school silver jubily function. Punitha teasing her that why should they invite her instead of Raasathi because she chairman unlike Kanmani jobless. Gokula fears. Kanmani replies nothing to worry everything goes it way.

Kaanchana’s goons set trap for them. Maruthu follows them and instruct their location. They set the road block board there before they u turn it they trapped their car with it. Raasathi sense something wrong and notice Kaanchana there. Prabhu ask to her when did she got released. Kaanchana congratulate Raasathi. Prabhu replies they don’t need her wish. Kaanchana says she will never allow them to leave this place. She trapped them here because Kanmani gonna be a guest there.

Raasathi question her doesn’t she got enough after went to jail too. Kaanchana replies she is here to take revenge just stay inside till the function is over. She ask Prabhu to call police. Maruthu use jammer to block signals. Prabhu and Raasathi don’t know what to do? Kanmani reach to school. HM welcome her and appreciate her for coming. Kanmani set a person to manage everything favour to her and says to her mom that Raasathi won’t come here she gonna lead the function. Her friend comes there and praise Raasathi Kanmani gets frustrate hearing it.

HM calls to Raasathi but not reachable so she dials to Iniyan and informs to him that Raasathi didn’t reach here. Iniyan doubts what happened to them. Prabhu and Raasathi trying a way to go out.

Episode end.