Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham: Anu gets scared on seeing a black shadow

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Zee Tamil’s popular show Neethane Enthan Ponvasantham viewers are going to witness more drama in the show with Anu getting upset when Surya ignores her.

In the previous episode it was shown that Surya tells Anu that he planned to go for a long drive with her. Meera fumed in anger hearing this. Anu refused to come saying that she has to go to her favorite temple with her parents which upseted Surya. Later Surya learned that Anu actually has come to his house for Navratri puja. They danced. Meera and few guest insulted Subu by stating about his status. Subu misunderstood Sharda when the latter said that Subu need not to worry about marriage expenses and can send only his daughter to their house.

In today’s pisode it’s seen that Surya takes Anu to his room and they share a romantic moment. Meera, who has followed them, tries to hear what they’re talking placing her hear near the door. Meera falls down when Anu opens the door. Surya asks Meera what she’s doing here. Meera gives some lame excuses. Anu gets scared on seeing a shadow wearing a scary monkey mask and shouts. Surya and everyone comes to Anu. They don’t see anyone like Anu described. Anu sees the shadow two more time again. One time that shadow signed like shooting Surya, but when Anu informs Surya about this and he truns, he doesn’t find anything. Meera says that it’s Anu’s illusion. Surya shuts her mouth. Surya convinces Anu parents to stay at his house until the marriage for Anu’s safety. The priest is called and he fixes Anu and Surya’s wedding.

Who is scarying Anu? Did Surendar scare Anu?

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