New Year: TV actors share their resolutions

From travelling more to staying fit, TV actors share their determinations.


Mohit Malhotra: My New Year resolutions this year are to travel more, meet new people and get to learn from new cultures. I want to read more books, be more charitable and help people around.


Saurabh Pandey: My resolution for the New Year is to be very grateful for all the little things I have. This year, I will focus on that because in our life we should be grateful for so many things, which we don’t even think of usually. One example of this would be sunlight and just to be able to breathe normally and having perfect health. These things are very common which most of us ignore. But without these, we cannot survive. My main resolution for the New Year would be to be grateful for all the smallest and the biggest things. So, this will help me to be more centered, humble and improve myself as a person.


Rohitashv Gour: My New Year resolution is to be health conscious as I am ageing and I want to be more focused on my fitness. I want to always want to keep a check on my diet.


Shashank Vyas: My New Year resolution every year is being fit. I feel fitness and success are interconnected. I just need to hit the gym regularly and keep a check on my diet.


Mohammad Nazim: This year, my New Year resolution will be focussing more on my professional growth.


Shivin Narang: My New Year resolution is to sleep on time. And to balance my life as I am an extremist. So, if I am doing something, I’m totally into it with no idea about time, food or anything which is affecting me personally. So yes, I will try to balance things.


Tinaa Dattaa: I want to stop trusting people on face value as I am quite a sensitive person and I don’t want to get hurt.


Kunal Pandit: I don’t believe in New Year resolutions because one cannot stick to them. My resolution is to not keep any resolutions and keep doing what I want to.


Soni Singh: We all learn from our mistakes and I am taking a resolution to learn from my mistakes and not repeat them. I want to focus more on my professional growth.


Vivian Dsena: I don’t need a New Year for a resolution and I don’t need Monday for Motivation. So, no New Year resolutions for me.


Pooja Madan: I am going to concentrate a little on my career as an actor and as a classical dancer. I want to work towards doing some memorable work


Gurcharan Singh: My New Year resolution is to grow as an actor as I am working on my upcoming film.


Himanshu Malhotra: To make my chat show Share and Grow Spotlight very big. I have not made too many resolutions but I think I would want to read a lot. I also determine to write a book.


Munisha Khatwani: My New Year resolution is to try and stay healthy and concentrate more on my health.


Moon Banerrjee: Every day, I resolve to be the better version of myself mentally, physically and spiritually.


Arjun Bijlani: My new year resolution is to concentrate more on my health and fitness. In 2018, I could not dedicate much time to my fitness as I had a hectic schedule.


Ssharad Malhotra: I would want to work on my time management skills so I can make some time for my personal life.


Rishina Kandhari: I would want to work more and grow as an actor.