One stop shop for all things glamorous; Parimal Modelling Academy

Parimal Modelling Academy’s Parimal Mehhta talks about the goals of the academy, their courses and future plans


When did you start Parimal Modeling Academy?

Parimal Modelling Academy started 12 months back, and since then we have groomed and helped many aspiring models hone their talents in fashion modelling, acting and even helped them develop their personality through styling, personal grooming, healthcare and overall wellness.


What is the objective of this Academy/ What are the core areas of the Academy?

We exist to train emerging talent in the modelling industry and to equip our students to make a mark in the modelling and fashion industry, or any other industry which they want to pursue, be it acting, dancing, fitness or styling.


What kind of courses are available?

In PMA, we give a 360 degrees learning and development approach. Our syllabus is highly practical and designed to equip our students to make a name in the industry.

We have basic and advanced modelling courses. Aside from that, we also have Weight and Watch, which is a fitness course. And soon we are launching Lens Vogue which is an initiative with fashion photographer Amit Khanna.


Throw light on your association with Amit Khanna.

Amit is a close friend but our relationship transcends into business and professional life too. We have done campaign shoots with him, for both Horra and PMA.



What is the feedback you got for the calendar launch?

The Glam Onn calendar launch was very well received by the industry, and I believe that it has made waves because of its strong and socially relevant concepts. Thanks to Amit’s vision.


You are quite well networked in the industry what are the changes you have noticed in the industry?

I think this industry should be more open to new talents. Let us give these aspiring talents a chance and a platform to prove themselves. This is what PMA stands for.


What are your future plans for the academy? 

New collaborations with the industry’s trailblazers and new courses to hone new talents.

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