Pandya Store 25th January 2021 Written Update: Meet Gautam and his three brothers

Pandya Store 25th January 2021 Written Update on

The first episode opens with showing Somnath temple in Gujarat. A devotional song plays in the background. Gautam visits the temple. Gautam prays to God to give the strength to handle the responsibility of his family and his shop Pandya stores. On his way to Pandya stores, Gautam wishes his locality people happy Makar Sankrati. He reaches the shop.

On seeing swasthik symbol on a pillar near his shop, Gautam recalls his father telling him to take their shop to the next level. He does pooja. A small boy is shown coming running towards Gautam. He stumbles and falls. Gautam cares for him. He cries that because of him that swasthik symbol got ruined. Gautam consoles him. He tells mom and dad used to make Swastik symbol together but now he’s making it alone. He asks his brother to join him.

Gautam and his three younger brothers start making swasthik symbol. A middle aged man asks them why they’re acting like newly wedded bride. Gautam tells his Pandya stores is the bride and it should be decorated on Makar Sankrati. The man agrees. He tells their mom and dad used to do makar Sankrati’s pooja but now they have to do the pooja together.

They all go inside the shop. Gautam gets emotional looking at his dad’s photo. The kids run to see the Makar Sankrati mela. The man asks Gautam to go with his brothers and he will take care of the shop. In the mela a girl is shown runing to catch the kite.

The girl is Dhara. Two women taunt that girl and says like mother like daughter. Dhara gets sad hearing them. Her friend asks her to catch the kite. Dhara runs again. Dhara comes to her kaku who sells saree. A customer checks saree but leaves without buying. Dhara takes the saree and places it the sarees on the rope so that it could be visible to everyone.

Otherside the lady who taunted Dhara is arguing with a sunglasses seller to sell the glass for 20 Rs. When he refuses, she threatens him saying that his nephew is working in Municipality and he can cancel his shop’s license. The shop owner gives the glass for 20 Rs. One of Gautam’s brother snatches the glass from her hand. The lady scolds the kid. Another asks how she can scold a kid like this.

Gautam saves his brother, Shiv from falling. He reprimands him for being careless. Shiv asks him to give the bag that’s Guatam holding. Guatam refuses to give him. Shiv asks if there’s gold. Guatam says yes. Guatam asks for Dev. Shiva tells he must be with Karthik bhai. Karthik is seen driving bike and Dev is sitting behind holding a kite in which written Pandya stores. He is doing publicity for his shop. Few people tell that Gautam handled Pandya store after his father’s death. Another man tells he heard a bad news about the shop. The others are shocked.

Gautam, Shiv and Krishn are flying kites. Dev asks to stop Karthik the bike. They get shocked on seeing something. People come to Gautam and congratulate him for his wedding and one man appreciates him that he found a new technique to announce about his marriage to all locals.

Another man tells his marriage invitation reached the God and shows a flying kite in which written Gautam weds Anita. Gautam gets stunned. He wonders who did this. Karthik arrives and asks Gautam that he hid such a big thing from his friend. Gautam tells he didn’t spread that car, neither he talked to anyone about his wedding nor it’s the time to think about the marriage. Shiv tells he will find out who did this. The lady who scolded Shiv is shown flying that kite.

Dhara, who is flying the kite, notices the kite which announces Gautam’s wedding. She tells no one should cut this kite as it will be considered as bad omen. Dhara’s kite get entangled with that kite. The lady gives the kite to a passerby on seeing Shiv coming her way and hides. The lady tells she did what she could the remaining is in God’s hands. Shiv snatches the kite from that man and tries to bring the kite down. Dhara’s kite cuts the other kite.

Dhara and Shiv run to catch that kite. Dhara catches it. At the same time another girl also holds the kite. Both the girls chuckle on seeing each other. Gautam comes there. He scolds Anita for flying their wedding invitation kite. Anita tells she didn’t fly it and she thought he did it. Gautam asks why he will do like that. Shiv comes running. He tells Mami has flown that kite. Anita tells Mami doesn’t even come to mela. Dhara signs him to be quiet.

Anita tells she understands now he(Gautam) has expressed his heart’s wish through that kite and she liked it. One lady taunts Dhara saying she’s standing so close to Gautam. Dhara steps back on hearing that lady. Anita tells she’s not angry but very happy. Gautam tells whoever did this he did very wrong. Anita asks he’s angry that their relationship come in front of everyone. There’s nothing from her side to hide their relationship. She walks away crying. Gautam runs after her. A man takes Krishn with him showing a chocolate. Dhara, Shiv and Dev notices it and goes after the man.

Gautam stops Anita. He asks if she’s angry with him. Anita tells why she shouldn’t be. He yelled at her in front of everyone. She further tells she’s at mistake because she always think of them and dream of them always being together, but it seems he doesn’t think like her. Gautam tells her dream is also his, but whatever happened in the last 6 months have changed his whole life.

Anita tells she understands but that’s not mean he will shout at her like this. Gautam apologizes to Anita. She tells she forgave him and feeds sweet to him. Anita kisses Gautam on his cheek and runs away. She tells she liked whatever written in that kite and runs away.

Dhara, Shiv and Dev save Krishn from that man. Dhara scolds the man. Anita happily walks dreaming about her life with Gautam. Anita meets the lady who flew the kite. Anita tells reveals her real side. She tells she will send Gautam’s mom to oldage home and his brothers to hostel after her marriage and will get the Pandya store on her name.

The episode ends.

Precap: A man misbehaves with Dhara. Few women advice Gautam not marry Dhara as she’s not a good girl. Dhara cries that no one understands her.

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