Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 25th January 2021 Written Update: Anokhi visits Bubbly in her house

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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani Upcoming Twist: Shaurya’s hate for Aastha creates more trouble in Anokhi’s Admission, New Entry?

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 25th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anokhi on video call with her mother. They get emotional. Anokhi says that she got selected in best college. She gives the credit to Aastha mam. Rama gets extremely happy. Bubbly too calls her and she adds her as via conference call. Rama shares the good news with Bubbly too and she’s on cloud nine too. She asks where was she whole night. Anokhi recalls sleeping in police station and lies that she found herself a place. Bubbly invites her to her home but Anokhi denies. Bubbly and Rama forces her and Nikki finally agrees. Bubbly gets excited and cuts the call followed by Rama.

Shaurya’s brother fumes that Anokhi got admission despite all his efforts. He blames Tej for losing his sense and wonders whether he needs to take over the head post. Kanchan and Gayathri gets happy knowing that Anokhi got admission. On the other hand Bubbly pleads her family to let Anokhi stay for the night. However both Vineet and her mother in law denies. Her mother in law taunts Bubbly and Bubbly pleads Vineet. She pleads her father in law as its a matter of girl’s dignity and he agrees. He too supports her words.

Shaurya finds Anokhi’s address and asks peon to note it down. Nikki comes to Bubbly’s house and she greets her happily. Her mother in law taunts Bubbly. Anokhi greets mother in law and Vineet. Her mother in law taunts Anokhi too.

Anokhi thanks her for letting her stay there. Her mother in law asks her not to get used to it as her own home and leave after a night. Nikki assures her that she will as she got admitted in hostel. Vineet and his mother speaks very cheap about Anokhi for getting admission in SIAC. Bubbly tries answering them but Anokhi stops her. On the other hand Police enquires Ramesh and his son for threatening Aastha by throwing stones at her house. Raja recalls throwing stones at her house.

Ramesh asks for proof and Inspector says that he will definitely find proof soon. Ramesh asks them to come back after collecting proofs. Police leaves and Rama asks Raja if he threatened Raja. Ramesh is about to argue with her but Beeji sends Rama in to avoid fights. Raja wishes to punish Aastha but Ramesh asks him to let it go as its of no use. He says Anokhi died according to him. Rama hears it and wishes for a day to come when Ramesh proudly claims Anokhi to be his daughter.

Anokhi tries calling Aastha for transfer certificate but she couldn’t reach her. Bubbly comes there with tea and they both spend some quality time together. Soon, Shaurya’s driver Makkan visits her saying Shaurya wants to meet her. She finds Shaurya in his car. He comes to her and informs her that her admission is not yet confirmed. He says her case is special that she can’t get admitted just by passing interview.

He says she needs to give original transfer certificate and basic fees. Anokhi says that she’s a scholarship student. Shaurya says there’s lots of time for scholarship but before that she needs to pay 50000 for getting admitted shocking Anokhi.

Precap : Shaan taunts Shaurya while Shaurya taunts him back. Bubbly gives her bangles to get money but the pawn shop owner informs Vineet calling Anokhi thief.

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