Pandya Store 8th February 2021 Written Update: Dhara refuses to marry Gautam

Pandya Store 8th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhara saying she doesn’t know about Gautam’s video. Prafula holds Dhara’s chin threatening her to shut her mouth. She says the whole world knows about her intentions. Gautam tells Prafula she’s doing wrong. Prafula says Gautam and Dhara are together in this plan. They thought if the truth will come out after the wedding, Prafula will not be able to see Anita sad and will give her one mill to them. She says Gautam is like his mom. Though Suman is bedridden, she made a super plan. Gautam and the kids shout Mami.

Gautam says he will not tolerate one more word against his mom. He further says Prafula has crossed all her limits today. She should feel ashamed to say such things about his mom. Prafula says he should feel ashamed. God never do wrong with good people so God called his dad soon. Shiva throws a coconut on Prafula. The latter shouts saying he broke her head. Mama calms her down.

Gautam admits that everyone thinks he’s at fault, he should have told the truth beforehand, but it doesn’t mean Prafula will speak ill about his parents. Hardik supports Gautam saying he doesn’t know Dhara performed the ritual. Anita says Gautam knows everything, it was his plan. He wanted somehow to marry her so that he get a free maid for his family. Shiva shouts asking Anita to shut her mouth. Anita says she can’t spoil her life for his monkeys like brothers. Gautam shouts Anita. The latter reveals that she agreed to marry Gautam for his shop that’s now is on mortgage.

Anita insults Gautam. She says even her house maid will not wear his mom’s old saree. Dhara is about to tell that Prafula asked her to wear that saree. Anita stops her and taunts her. The kids shout. Gautam says he will not hear a word against Dhara. He asks Anita to express her anger on him. If she doesn’t want to marry him, don’t do, he will not ask her to change her decision. He removes the garland saying the wedding is canceled.

Mama apologizes to Gautam on behalf of Prafula and Anita. He says he will talk to Anita. Gautam tells no need for that because Anita took a right decision. Anita says she’s feeling suffocated here and asks Prafula to take her from here. Shiva asks Prafula to return Suman’s bangles. He says one day he will get back his mom’s bangle from her. Prafula curses Gautam saying he will never be happy and will never get married. She further says Suman will get a panic attack knowing that Gautam’s wedding was called off. Hardik says Gautam’s marriage will happen.

Prafula asks who will marry Gautam. Hardik says Dhara which shocks everyone. The kids get happy and play music. They dance. They moke Prafula. Gautam shouts stop it. He says he can’t marry Dhara. Hardik asks why, if he thinks Dhara will refuse him. He knows Dhara very well… Dhara interrupts them saying she will not do this marriage. She walks away crying. Hardik goes after her.

Kaku asks Gautam to be strong. Prafula redicules Gautam saying even Dhara refused to marry him. The kids get sad that Gautam’s marriage will not happen. Hardik stops Dhara. The latter cries hugging her brother.

Prafula asks to play music. She does Nagin dance mocking Gautam and Shiva. Hardik wipes Dhara’s tears. He asks Dhara if she’s angry with him, if he doesn’t have rights to think about her life. Dhara says he has all rights, but how she can do this marriage. She can neither take Anita’s place in this wedding nor in Gautam’s heart.

The episode ends.

Precap : Prafula taunts Gautam. Hardik tells Dhara Gautam is her prince charming. Dhara asks Gautam to decide what he wants. Dhara comes getting ready for marriage.

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