Pandya Store: Gautam to decide to abort the baby to save Dhara?

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Star Plus popular show Pandya Store is gearing up for drama with Pandyas learning about Dhara’s foetus’ abnormal growth.

In the current episode it’s seen that Krish congratulates Shiva and Raavi. Suman arrives there and asks what happened, how Raavi got the mangalsutra. Rishita lies that Suman asked her to give it to Raavi. Suman is aware that Rishita stole the mangalsutra from her cupboard. Guests arrive at Pandya residence for the celebration of Dhara completing three months of her pregnancy.

Krish, Shiva and Dev bring toys for the baby. Suman says that it’s inauspicious of buying toys before baby’s birth. But Rishita says that this is old thinking. All dance and celebrate. Dhara suddenly faints. Family gets worried and rushes Dhara to the hospital. The gynecologists check Dhara and her baby. Gynecologist tells Gautam that Dhara’s foetus didn’t have any development in the last month, if it continues like this, it will be harmful for Dhara.

Gautam and the family get shattered. Gautam reveals that he was aware of it, but hid it from Dhara for goodness. Krish says that he should have at least told Dhara about it. Gautam says that Dhara’s baby would have lived till now, if he had told Dhara the truth earlier.

In the upcoming episode it will seen that doctors will see Dhara’s pulse fluctuating and will wonder why her family taking time to decide. Gautam will say to Suman that he has taken his decision and will tell the doctor about it. Family will look shocked.

What Gautam has decided? Who Gautam will decide to save? How Dhara will react after knowing this?

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