Pandya Store: Shweta to plan to run away to Dubai!

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Star Plus’ popular show is gearing up for drama with Suman agreeing to Krish and Shweta’s marriage. 

In the current story, it’s seen that Krish stops Shweta from leaving the house. He will ask Shweta if she really wants to marry him and won’t regret it later. Shweta says that she won’t. Krish declares that he will marry Shweta in the temple, which shocks everyone.

Suman threatens to throw Krish out of the house and cut all ties with him if he marries Shweta. But Krish is sure that Suman will accept Shweta. He states Suman is harder from outside, but she’s softer from inside, so Rishita, whom Suman hated, is now her favorite. Shweta refuses to marry Krish without Suman’s consent.

She walks out of the  house feeling happy that she will be free hereafter. A car hits Shweta in front of the house and Shweta faints.  After Shweta gains consciousness, Shweta’s mom declares that she doesn’t want Shweta to marry Krish when Suman is against it.

She begins to walk with Shweta, but Suman stops Shweta and gives her approval for Krish and Shweta’s wedding. Pandyas and Patels are happy, while Shweta and Rishita are shocked. 

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Shweta will be on call with her friend. She will say that her parents won’t listen to her, now this marriage has become a completion for her. Rishita will overhear Shweta’s talk and will ask what completion she’s talking about. Shweta will be nervous.

Rishita will confront Shweta. She will ask why she agreed to marry Krish. Shweta will say that she had already told the reason in front of everyone. She will add that she is soon going to get the same status as Rishita in this house.

Rishita will see that Shweta searched on the internet for jobs and a house and Dubai. She will ask who is going to Dubai. Just then Shweta’s phone will ring. Shweta will be nervous that Rishita will see the caller’s name. 

Is Shweta planning to run away to Dubai? Will Rishita be able to expose Shweta’s true face to the family?

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