Parineetii 10th January 2023 Written Update: Parineet in a tight spot

Parineetii 10th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Biji sharing her happiness with Parineet. She feels happy to see them back. Babli starts mocking Monty for not washed his dirty clothes. He asks her how did she know he kept dirty clothes inside his washroom? Did she used his washroom? He complaints that she is using his personal space too. Parminder scolds him for not doing his own works. Meanwhile, Chandrika asks Parineet how did Rajeev find him? She remembers the incident. Rajeev tells her that god helped him to reach there on time. Biji blesses Parineet happily. Neeti thinks that she will bless her like this one day. Rajeev notices that Gurinder is angry with him and tries to convince her. She leaves from there angrily.

Parminder asks Parineet to take medicine on time and take rest. Biji says that Rajeev will take care of Parineet. Neeti thinks that she shouldn’t think anything negatively. Both Parineet and Rajeev are important to her. Meanwhile, Rajeev returns to his room. He thank God for helped him solve the issues. Neeti comes there and asks him to change his dress. She will do dressing to his wound. He asks her to love him first. She demands him to change his dress first. She searches for the first aid box. Neeti do first aid to Rajeev’s wound. He admires her. Neeti lays on bed. Rajeev complaints that she assured to love him after first aid to him. It’s a scheme. Neeti complaints that she didn’t sleep whole night. Let her sleep. She threatens him to call Biji if he troubled her. Rajeev tells her he doesn’t scared of her. Neeti tells him that no one will come between their love. Rajeev asks her to take rest and sleeps on another side.

Meanwhile, Parineet worries about her feelings on Rajeev. She thinks that she shouldn’t ruin Neeti life. He doesn’t love her. She remembered her moments with Rajeev. Later, Neeti thinks that Sanju’s character is weird. He gets romantic out of the blue and change his mind asap. Parineet doubts why she is thinking about Rajeev. She wishes to inquire about Rajeev’s health once. She changes her mind later. She thinks how she will ask him about it? She doesn’t have any relationship with him. He is with Neeti now. Later, Neeti disturbs Rajeev. He asks her to stop disturbing him. She argues with him like a kid. He tries to romance with her. Parineet decided to ask Rajeev about his health once

Neeti isn’t getting convinced. Rajeev ticking her to laugh. Parineet hesitates to knock on the door. She thinks that Rajeev isn’t loving her. He doesn’t have feelings on her. Parineet wants to ask him about his wound. Neeti and Rajeev hides hearing the knocking sound. Rajeev opens the door and surprised to see Parineet there. He asks her does she need anything? She tells him that she was here to inquire him about his wound. He assures her that he is feeling better. Neeti comes there and tells her that Rajeev wasn’t allowing her to sleep. Rajeev stops her from revealing the privacy matters with her. She demands her to sleep between them. Parineet excuses them. Rajeev scolds Neeti for hurting Parineet by sharing their privacy matters with her. Parineet scolds herself for going between Neeti and Rajeev. She is aware how much Rajeev loves Neeti. She shouldn’t think about him anymore. She is alive today because of them. She shouldn’t forget that too. Though she is feeling his thoughts often.

Rajeev tries to clear with Neeti that she shouldn’t share their privacy matters with Parineet. Because it will remind her about Rajeev. Neeti regrets her mistake. She says to him that Rajeev returned to Chandigarh though he didn’t come to meet Parineet yet. She will make sure that he will forget Rajeev.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will get surprised to see the decorations in her room. Neeti will show Vishal to Parineet and tell her surprise. Biji will question Neeti who he is? Neeti will tell her he is her favorite. Biji will question Rajeev who he is? Neeti will tell her he isn’t Rajeev but him pointing Vishal. Biji will introduce her both Parineet and Rajeev are husband and wife. Neeti is a third wheel inbetween them

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