Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th January 2023 Written Update: Simar follows her own trick to challenge those evils

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with an wonderful idea, which is engendered from Simar’s head. Simar tries to help Vivaan, when he loses his sense, not getting the water. Simar soaks the water with the clothes, and fall some drops on his mouth. After getting the sense, Vivaan thanks Simar for saving his life. When Simar rebukes Vivaan for rushing behind her, Vivaan reminds her how lovable Simar is to his family. They look frustrated and detouched from their family. When Vivaan loses all the hopes returning the home, Simar always lights up some way. They both crave for some food, when Vivaan takes up some withered leaves, and is compelled to eat out of the extreme hunger. As soon as they having the leaves, those are snatched by two jokers. But surprisingly having those leaves, the two evils lose their sense. Then Vivaan and Simar decide to pluck more leaves from the forest.

Simar says she has a great plan, when Vivaan asks what is the plan, then suddenly Dubru comes, and sees that the two jokers are lying down on the floor, he asks that what have they with them. But Simar and Vivaan remain silent. Then Dubru makes awaken those two jokers. Being outrageous, Dubru wants to cut down the hands of Vivaan. Then Simar tries to sleep stop him. She continues to request him not to harm Vivaan anymore, because there will no profit cutting the hand of Vivaan. Then Simar makes them puzzle, saying some oiling words. Simar confesses that they have become servent of them, so if they cut down the hands, they wouldn’t able to do any work anymore. Simar suggests them they could cook or clean the house. Then she is offered to cook milkshake or gazar ka halua. When Dubru asks how would they collect the ingredients, Simar says they would collect those ingredients from the forest.

Ahead, Dubru doesn’t want to permit Simar and Vivaan to go into the forest. But Simar have to collect the those poisonous leaves. Vivan suggests that those two jokers could join then, so they can’t elope or run from that magical world. Dobru says you want the food within 2 hours, Simar promises that she will do so.

Here, Aarav and Reema find out that design of the joker world. When they ask Deva Jeet to help them out. He innovates a solution for entering in the world of joker, he gives them some jar of glasses in which the spirits are inboxed. To enter in the world of joker he needs the help of some evil spirits. In spite of having the the opposition of the family members of Oswal, they do not forbid the ritual. He also adjoins that there will be a huge risk because those spirit can be good or bad at the same time, if bad spirits come then all the game will be changed. Aarav and Rima se there ready to perform the ritual and after that they are fully supported by the whole family. The unity of the family is well appreciated by Debojit himself.

Aarav and Reema expand their hands to hold the jars in which the spirits are inboxed. Debojit helps them to perform that. When he opens up the three judge of their hands all of them notice that some white smoke are coming out from the jars which means they are good spirits. Then all those spirits are hovering over there head and playing something magical. Din Debojit requests them to show the way of the world of the joker. Suddenly after the horrific and tremendous process those spirits open up the door of that evil world through the mirror. When they finally see the evils, they become horrified, but Debojit proclaims, although they can see the evils, but those jokers couldn’t see them. With the request of Debojit the spirit show Vivan and Simar live. All the family become emotional and relieved. Aarav promises he will be coming soon to her.

Here, Vivaan and Simar roam around the forest find out those leaves. But they didn’t find out at first, after roaming around the whole forest, finally similar notices those leaves and tactfully Vivan and Simar collect some of the leaves. Suddenly Simar feels some sense of Arav.
Episode ends.

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