Parineetii 12th August 2022 Written Update: Gurinder appreciates Parineet’s idea

Parineetii 12th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Goon asks Sekar what happened? He says to him that Boss gonna come here. Just then his boss Rakesh comes there and enquire him what’s going on here? He beats him for not finishing his job. If they done their job well then Parineet would have with him to her that I now. He talks with Parineet photo. He tells her that he loves her a lot. He tells her that she only waits for few days he will take her back with him. Meanwhile Rajeev searches for his trimmer and collide with Parineet. She apologizes to him for not noticing him. She helps him to massage him.

Rajeev asks her to leave and give trimmer to him. She slips on him. Both laughs together and tells her he is not wrestler so get up from him. She apologized to him and falls on him again. She leaves from there. Rajeev thinks that she is crazy. Meanwhile Rajeev taking breakfast with his family members. His brother advises to him he reminds Neeti. Chandrika says to them that Gurinder’s wedding anniversary coming. Simi tells her that nothing to be prepared because she don’t like this all. Chandrika mocks at her. She suggests them to plan something for Gurpreet. Rajeev tells her lets plan some event management. Amith says let’s call someone. Chandrika suggests Parineet name reasoning she done well in Neeti’s marriage. She asks Rajeev to talk with her. Simi hurts Chandrika and leaves. Rajeev manages the situation.

Parineet comes out of washroom. She notices Rajeev there and thinks he is angry on her for being late. Parineet asks him Is mom angry on her for being late? Rajeev pretends like angry on her. She apologized to him. Rajeev demands her to listen him first. He tells her they planned to arrange event management for Mom’s wedding anniversary. She asks him how will she do it? Rajeev says to her that she is expert in it. She assures to do it in trendy one. She asks him to talk with Gurpreet once reasoning she loves him a lot. But he shouldn’t mention her name to Gurpreet because she will scold her If she don’t like her idea. Rajeev says to her that she will kick her out if she don’t like it. Parineet worries hearing it. He tells her nothing to worry he will talk with her.

Rajeev reaches to Gurinder room. She asks him why is he here? Is he wanna talk with her? She wanna go to party. Rajeev tells her that they planned to celebrate their wedding anniversary. She says to him she is not interested to do this party and cake cutting. Rajeev tells her they planned to perform her second marriage with her husband. She says to him marriage means once it’s already over there is no need of another one. Rajeev says to her it’s Parineet idea. Her husband comes there and appreciated this idea and decided to do it. Rajeev thank him he asks him to thank her instead.

Parineet thinks whether she likes her idea or not? Parineet gets shocked to see Gurinder in her room. She thinks that she didn’t liked her idea it seems. Gurinder demands Parineet to show her hand. She apologized to her for suggesting bad idea but Gurinder appreciated her for suggested best idea. She adds that Parineet planned well she likes her idea a lot. She blesses her and says that Rajeev really lucky to get her as his wife. She is also her family members so she can take decision in this family. She adds that Parineet is also lucky one because Rajeev also doing everything for her. She takes her blessing. Gurinder tells her that she don’t forget this lifelong. She asks her to be happy and leaves from there.

Meanwhile Parineet arranges everything for function. Rajeev tells her that she knew everyone’s favorite but not his. Rajeev gets Neeti’s call. Rajeev lies to Neeti that he is very busy if he take another leave then he will fire her. Neeti demands him to go with her Amritsar reasoning they didn’t go anywhere after marriage. He asks her to stop behaving like kid. Neeti says to him she don’t wanna hear anything she gonna book flight ticket. Monty ask Rajeev where is he going many works are pending.
Rajeev says to Monty that his life will be over if he don’t leave. She gave news task to him. She asked him to go with her to Amritsar. Monty scared to see Parineet there.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will say to Rajeev that she don’t wanna hear anything just leaving. Rajeev will ask her to stop being a kid. He will complaint that she stand for her word only one day her attitude will ruin everything. Neeti will ask him what’s he meant? Later Neeti will notice Rakesh in Chandigarh and alert Parineet that Rakesh reached to Chandigarh

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