Parineetii 14th July 2022 Written Update: Rajveer lies to Gurinder

Parineetii 14th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet press the calling bell. Rajveer gets disappointed. Neeti asks him to check who is it. Rajveer’s leg hurts while going near door. His phone rings there Neeti asks him to attend the call. Neeti opens the door and finds Parineet there. Rajveer notices Parineet’s call and dial back to her. He pretends like he don’t get signal. Parineet apologies to Neeti for disturbing her in this time. She narrates to her Rajveer met with an accident. She adds that stranger says he met with an accident there. She don’t get any can to reach near him.

Neeti says that its good she came here let’s go near him along with Sanju. Gurinder gets angry when she don’t find Parineet in her room. Parineet shares to her that Rajveer lies to her that he don’t get hurt not to worry her. Neeti asks Sanju to come out. Rajveer gets shocked to see Parineet there and fears to get caught. He hides from their sight.

Gurinder notices the door is open and guess she left. She enquires family members Is Parineet take permission to go out. They denies it. Chandrika says let’s hear her explanation. Simi provokes Gurinder against Parineet and Chandrika. Mean while Neeti notices Rajveer in half dress. She takes her from there and shares to her he is half dressed. Parineet asks her to stop talking about it. Neeti says to Sanju that they wanna go from here.

Parineet’s husband met with an accident. Rajveer says it’s their special night today so he don’t wanna spoil it. Neeti says that he shouldn’t talk like this let’s do this after they find Rajveer. Gurinder scolds Chandrika for supporting Parineet. She says that she warned her to don’t go out but she left against her. She shares to them how did Rajveer met with an accident and he informed her he didn’t hurt much. She might believe her husband instead of go out in middle of night.

Neeti goes to find Sanju missing in his room. Rajveer gets into car and demands the driver to leave from there asap. Driver asks him why is he so tensed? He demands him to drive patiently or else he will fire him from job. He thinks that Parineet ruined his first night. He thinks how will he escape from it. Neeti gets angry when she can’t able to find Rajveer in room.

Parineet shares to her may he got some important work to do. She asks her to stop supporting him. How could he leave her in such situation? Rajveer returns to home and closes the door behind. He wishes to call Parineet from land line to alert her. Gurinder asks Rajveer where did he get hurt? He lies to her that he didn’t hurt much. Gurinder says that Parineet said he was in hospital. He adds that doctor asks him to take rest.

 Gurinder informs to Rajveer that Parineet went out searching for him. Rajveer calls her from land-line to assure her he returned to home. Parineet informs to Neeti that he returned to home so she wanna go back. She advised her to go back in same cab. Neeti thinks that Rajveer and Parineet are ready to sacrifice their life for each other but Sanju left her alone on their first night. May Rajveer left Parineet after marriage. But he cares for her after she came here.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will inform to Rajveer that Gurinder is so sweet she only scold her. Rajveer will ask her to stop talking nonsense. He will ask her to tie his hand with her then not allowing him to go out. Rajveer will secretly hug Neeti from behind and kiss her. Parineet will find a lipstick mark in his shirt and find a girl’s hair

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