Parineetii 21st September 2022 Written Update: Rajeev feels guilty

Parineetii 21st September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Police sharing with Rajeev that Parineet went to a dangerous place. He hopes that nothing happened to their daughter in law. Because only few people returned alive. Rajeev gets a phone call from Harman. He thinks that Parineet may be reached to Barnala. That’s why he is calling him. He attend the call to confirm it but Harman inquired him about Parineet. He gets shocked to learn that Parineet not reached there. Harman asks him to give phone to Parineet. He lies to him that he is not in home. She is with Tai ji. He tells him that he will contact her then.

Rajeev manages to lie with him. Harman asks Mandeep to talk with Parineet. She thinks that it’s better Parineet staying in her in laws house. If she come here she will bring another problem to her. Later, Rajeev notices one girl walking on road in raining. She looks like Parineet so, he stops her. He apologized to her for mistake her as someone else. He feels guilty for betraying Parineet. He recollects his moments with Parineet.

Tai ji demands Monty to inquire them about Parineet. He will question him how will they identity her? Her husband shared with him that he has her photo on his phone. Monty thinks that he supported Rajeev in everything. He doesn’t realised that he was also betraying her along with Rajeev. They reached to the cliff. Everyone searched for Parineet there. Chandrika noticed Parineet’s Dhuppatta there. Rajeev takes it in his hand. He shares with them that nothing would have happened to her. Tai ji shares with her that she won’t forgive him for this. She feels dizzy there. Police inquires them what’s going on?

Chandrika noticed blood on floor and gets panic. Police learns from Tai ji that Rajeev betrayed Parineet she may be take any wrong decisions in broken heart. His Dad shares to Rajeev that he shouldn’t stay here and cry for her. He won’t leave him if something happen to her. Later, Gurinder thinks that because of Parineet she is in this state. She fears that Parineet may be confess all truth to her family. She calls Rajeev to learn what happened? He about to share everything with her. But Tai ji shares to her that her dream turned to true. Parineet left them. Rajeev narrate everything to her. Gurinder feels happy to hear the news.

The police demands Rajeev to go with them reasoning he is responsible for her state. He can able to take case on him for cheating, missing and murder. Rajeev says to him it’s just a misunderstanding. Tai ji adds that he is the reason for everything. He might arrest him. The police takes him from there. Rajeev shares to him that he wants to search for Parineet. It’s his personal problem he shouldn’t poke his head in it. The Inspector tells him if it his personal then why are they here?

Rajeev says to the Inspector that he is neither a criminal nor a murderer. It’s just a family problem. The inspector shares with him that his own family members made complaints against him. Monty says that they are angry with him. It’s a normal fight between husband and wife. Gurinder reaches there and hugs Rajeev. She inquired him what the need was to arrest him? The inspector adds that Parineet committed suicide because of him. She questions him. Does he have any proof against him? The inspector says to him that they found Parineet’s Dhuppatta on the spot. She asks him to arrest him after they find her body. But release him now. Monty pleads with him to leave Rajeev. The inspector demands Rajeev shouldn’t leave this city. He assured him.

The Nurse questions another staff member what she is doing? She shares with her that she wants to inject this medicine into her or else Neeti will create another drama. Neither her husband nor his friend came to meet her again. She doesn’t know what is really going on? It affected her pregnancy. She fears about her health.

Episode end

Precap: Rajeev will learn from the nurse that a girl’s dead body has come to their hospital. She would demand Rajeev to confirm whether it was his wife’s dead body or not? Rajeev would panic at hearing it. He will remove the cloth from the dead body.

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