Parineetii 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Gurpreet argues with Sukhwinder

Parineetii 23rd January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gurpreet and Sukhwinder discussing Rajeev. Gurpreet tells her that she misunderstood something. Rajeev is there with Parineet. Sukhwinder tells her that Neeti said to her he had gone out. Gurpreet tells her that Parineet took Pehras with him. Neeti was alone. Sukhwinder tells her that Sanju is with Neeti. She misunderstood something. Sukhwinder complaints that she misunderstood Sanju as Rajeev. They decided to confront them. Rajeev notices them and escapes from there. Sukhwinder and Gurpreet are shocked to see them missing there. Rajeev fears about getting caught. He takes Neeti from there. Sukhwinder tells her that both Neeti and Sanju are there. Let’s clear this doubt with them. Gurpreet checks that direction but they are not there. Gurpreet complaints that she is making fun of her.

Sukhwinder and Gurpreet are arguing with each other over this matter. Babli comes there. Sukhwinder shares this matter with her. Gurpreet tells her that Sukhwinder misunderstood Rajeev as Sanju. Babli thinks that she isn’t wrong. Both are the same person. He is playing a dual rule to confuse them. Babli notices Monty there. She lies to Gurpreet that she loves someone. She takes her from there to meet him. Sukhwinder asks Parineet,” doesn’t she feel bad? It’s her first lohri. But Rajeev isn’t here to take Pehras with her. Parineet says her work is more important than anything. Sukhwinder tells her it seems Gurpreet is forgetting many things. She misunderstood Sanju as Rajeev today. She suggested Parineet take Gurpreet to consult a doctor. Parineet gets nervous hearing it. She excuses her. Meanwhile, Rajeev romances with Neeti. She asks him how he convinces Biji? He demands her to give him something in return. Rajeev shares with her that he asked her to Don’t say anything against Neeti. He recalls the incident. Rajeev gets angry with Biji for humiliating Neeti in front of everyone without her mistake in it. Biji tells him that she is always coming between Parineet and Rajeev. She fears that Parineet and Rajeev will separate because of Neeti. She needs her heir. Rajeev tells her nothing will happen like that. Stop bringing children’s matters again. Biji hurts to hear it. She informs him that she will leave here. Rajeev consoles her. Biji tells him that she doesn’t want to see Neeti coming between them. Rajeev gets tears in his eyes remembering it.

Rajeev asks Parineet how he will manage the situation. She asks him to let Neeti walk in front of him. Everyone starts taking pehras together. Biji signals Parineet to hold Rajeev’s dhuppatta. Parineet holds it without option. They are taking Pehras like that. Sukhwinder notices that Parineet is holding his dhuppatta and asks Babli to stop Parineet. Only husband and wife want to hold on like that. It’s a bad omen. Babli hesitates to go there. Rajeev holds Neeti’s dhuppatta out of guilt. Parminder and Biji pray god to bring more happiness to Rajeev and Parineet’s married life. Sukhwinder and Neeti pray for Sanju and Neeti’s better future. Rajeev is in a dilemma about what to ask God. Sukhwinder takes Rajeev’s dhuppatta from Parineet’s hand. Vishal comes there and holds her dhuppatta. He asks her to take Pehras with him. Gurpreet doubts who he is? He is holding Parineet’e dhuppatta. Rajeev and Vishal are dancing with Parineet.

Later, Neeti meets Vishal. He gets irritated when he sees her. He thinks that he wants to pretend to be like Parineet’s husband. Neeti asks him why didn’t he inform Parineet about his sudden visit? He lied to her. It’s a surprise. Neeti tells him that Parineet looked happy after she met him. Meanwhile, Gurpreet inquires Babli about her lover. She makes faces and tries to manage the situation there. Gurpreet advises her to find a person like Rajeev. Parineet is leading a happy life with Rajeev. Babli’s face fell after hearing it. Vishal tries to excuse Neeti but she is adamant not to leave him. She asks Parineet to stop him. Parineet asks her to let him leave. Neeti doubts that something is going between Parineet and Rajeev. They do not talk with each other. Vishal excuses her for attending the call.

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