Parineetii 8th September 2022 Written Update: Parineet refuses to marry Rajeev

Parineetii 8th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandrika trying to console Parineet. Parineet says she doesn’t know how Rajeev cheated on her for loving him. Someone knocks on the door. Chandrika asks Parineet to wipe her tears. She opens the door. Mummy Ji comes there. She praises Pari’s look and asks her to meet Beeji once. Chandrika says she takes Pari to Beeji. Mummy Ji agrees. Chandrika feels bad for Parineet and takes her to Beeji room. Parineet asks her how is her feet. Beeji says it’s not yet set and that’s why I called you to punish you. She asks Chandrika to leave and asks Parineet to forward her hand. Beeji gives her money and Bappa’s idol. Parineet asks what is the need for it.

Beeji says your oil massage didn’t work but your care touched my heart and you’re best wife and daughter in law. She says your Jodi is made by God and asks her to listen to what her heart says when she is in a problem. Parineet hugs her in tears. Beeji asks her to not cry as you’re not leaving anywhere after marriage. She blesses her. Parineet says wish I can tell you about Rajeev so you may guide me. Beeji says wish to see you guys getting married but I have to leave for the hospital. She asks Parineet to take pheras in the muhurta otherwise it’s inauspicious.

Parminder and Bajwa get married. Parminder asks Chandrika to bring Parineet for pheras. Parineet sees Bappa’s idol and she recalls everything and decides to end her marriage as Rajeev doesn’t consider her as a wife. Chandrika calls Parineet to get remarried. Parineet says she won’t get married to Rajeev. She asks Chandrika to tell others. Chandrika says their family reputation gets ruined. Parineet asks what about her feelings. She says I can’t marry a man who never considered me his wife. Rajiv hears it. He sends Chandrika saying he will bring Parineet. He asks Parineet to come for their families forgetting their differences. Parineet refuses.
Rajeev drags her downstairs.

Everyone calls them to sit in a mandap. Rajeev sits in the mandap. He asks Parineet to sit. Parminder and others ask Pari to sit. Pari recalls Parminder and Beeji’s advice and Rajeev’s confession that he loves Neeti. Pari throws water in Agni and says I don’t want to marry. Everyone gets shocked. They ask her what happened. Rajeev asks why she is doing it. Parineet asks him why he is marrying again without knowing the value of marriage. Parminder asks what’s she doing. Pari says she is following her advice. Simi asks to her to stop being rude in front of guests. Parineet says your brother is rude.

Rajeev warns her to stop and tells her he knows how to answer. Parineet asks him to answer her. She says today I will reveal your true face today. She explains the value of marriage. She asks if he ever considered her as his wife or if their relationship is just show to everyone. Rajeev asks what happened and why she is talking in this way. Parineet asks him to stop acting. Parminder asks Parineet to tell what happened that she is creating drama in front of everyone. Rajeev says Pari is taking revenge as I didn’t receive her call as I was in a meeting. Parminder scolds Pari for her irresponsible behavior. Parineet says I know the relationships and how to carry them. Rajeev says she may not create drama if she cares for relationships. Parineet warns him to not shout.

Episode ends.

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