Parineetii: Parminder’s life in danger?

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Parineeti is a popular Colors TV show. This show always keeps its viewers hooked on the show with many revelations and twists. Now, the series focuses on Neeti’s cunning move!


In a recent episode, we see firefighters save Parineet and Sanju. They admitted them to the hospital. Neeti vented out her anger at Bebe. She shared with her that Sanju knew well that she didn’t like him risking his life for Parineet. He shouldn’t have saved her.

She tried a lot to kill her. Meanwhile, Parminder noticed Tiger there. She gets suspicious and goes behind him. Tao ji and Gurinder left for the hospital. Meanwhile, Neeti lashes out at Tiger for not finishing his work properly.

Parminder learns from their conversation that Neeti has hired him to kill Parineet. She confronted Neeti in anger. Bebe manipulated Neeti to kill Parminder. She ordered Tiger to kill Parminder.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Tiger will hit Pariminder with his car. Later, Sanju will ask Neeti if she tried to kill Parineet again. Neeti complaints that he loves Parineet more than her. Sanju admits that he loves her more than Neeti. Neeti will demand Sanju to give her a divorce.

What will happen next? Will Rajeev find the truth? Will Bebe’s truth be disclosed?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions. Stay tuned to our space for more updates