Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke: Will Pashminna go to Mumbai?

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In the Sony SAB show Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke, Pashminna will need Raghav’s help again. Raghav’s family will learn that he lost his engagement ring. How Ayesha will react now? To know more check out below.


Earlier it’s seen that, Raghav booked Pashminna for tour. Preeti informed to Raghav that Pashminna won the race and gave cake to him. Raghav noticed his family’s missed calls. He got angry at himself for not focusing on his family. He picked Dadi’s call and learnt about everything. He decided to make everything fine.

Next day, Pashminna reached the hotel and learnt that Raghav left for Mumbai. She entered Raghav’s room and cried. She asked herself that how Raghav left without saying anything. She told everything to Kaju. Kaju told her that they should not have trust the tourist. Pashminna told her that Preeti was right. Other side, Raghav apologized to Avinash and Ayesha on behalf of Reeva. He asked Ayesha about Sunil matter. Ayesha told him everything.

In the upcoming episode, Pashminna’s aunt will tell race organizer that Pashminna’s win is invalid if Pashminna’s partner is not Kashmiri then. Kaju will tell Pashminna that Raghav has to say he is Kashmiri then only the latter will get mottor for houseboat. Other side, Mohana will ask Raghav that did he lost his engagement ring.

Will Raghav get his engagement ring?

Will Pashminna find a way to solve her problem?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

To know what will happen next in your favorite show Pashminna – Dhaage Mohabbat Ke, stay tuned to this space.