Parth Samthaan and Khushali Kumar’s ‘HOT’ chemistry in ‘PehlePyaarKaPehlaGham’ is breaking the internet!

Last won the heart playing the character of Anurag Basu in ‘Kasauti Zindagi Kay’ actor Parth Samthaan with his new music video opposite to Khushali Kumar is breaking the internet.

Parth and Khushali were in talk ever since duo shared the news of their upcoming music video on their social media handle. Song ‘PehlePyaarKaPhelaGham’ released last day and the sizzling chemistry of Samthaan and Khushali is breaking the internet. The music video surely captures the heart of full 6 mins. The storytelling through a song was fabulous and you just can’t take your eyes-off from another remarkable performance of Parth. Khushali well complimented sexy hunk in the video. Parth and Khushali’s blazing, sensuous and intense chemistry in the song is hit. PehlePyaarKaPhelaGham is already trending on no.5 on Youtube channel with 9M views and counting. Not only song, fans always trended hastag #ParthSamthaan and poured their heart for the heartthrob‘s absolute performance in the song. Check out what more fans are saying about Parth’s starring music video ‘PhelePyaarKaPhelaGham’.


#parthsamthaan deserves to get a standing ovation for his masterpiece performance he delivered throughout the whole mv #PehlePyaarKaPehlaGham . His expressions, eyes portraying diff. Emotions deserves a separate mention. N those comments pouring out for him r simply positive.


I just saw the Music Video and It was superb. The song was soo good , Ur acting was amazing and I loved the song also

. U nailed it my boy


#ParthSamthaan #PehlePyaarKaPehlaGham

Parth Samthaan is highly flexible actor. He rose to fame playing super sexy character ‘Manik Malhotra’. Parth’s performance in the show was noteworthy. He next appeared on the screen as ‘Anurag Basu’. Samthaan for playing another hot character ‘Anurag’ made an irreplaceable place in the heart of the audience. Hunk never fails to amaze his fans and with his latest music video; Parth’s passionate performance and breath-taking chemistry with Khushali Kumar won millions heart yet again! Check out the song below if you haven’t yet seen!