Patiala Babes 19th December 2019 Written Update: Neel’s dish impressed Minnie|Mini decides to hire Neil Oberoi for Patiala Babes Restaurant

Episode begins with Arya is saying who made this pudding? Mini says this man made the rice pudding and Arya almost caught him but before she can say anything Neil made her seat to taste the pudding. Mini says lets taste the food and both of them tastes the food for the first time and Arya is looking at Neil and Mini says what is your opinion? Arya says the food is nice and Mini says but the person is very much different and he is already making a whole lot of tantrum. Mini calls Neil and says I told you to make the food as er the cookbook recipe and this dish doesn’t taste like that.

Neil says I am a chef and not a thief to steal someone else’s recipe and moreover it is cooking and cooking is an artform, I feel these spices and these veggies, this cooking style and process talk to me and I can feel them with all my being. This reminds Mini about Babita and her love for the spices and grains. She says it is not that I dislike your food and it tastes bad but the thing is may be our expectations are not matching with each other.

Hence thanks for coming and making dishes for us and as far as your recruitment matter, then you will be notified about it by tomorrow evening. She calls Arya too but she says she will come only after completing the kheer in her bowl. Mini says ok finish it and come to me. Arya says to Neil if I was in my sister’s place I will hire you. Arya says to Neil that you are the same bhelman and I will not tell about it to anyone.

Mini is discussing with her friend about Neil and his mannerisms, she says he is talking with so much attitude but as I have requirement of a chef, so I have to be normal and cool with him. She says Arya liked his hand made food so much hence even I have to be okay with it. Arya is drawing and says to her sister you are disturbing me and my studies. Mini says you are doing it wrong as the colors of the sky and sun will be blue and yellow but her sister asks why should I copy the others and shouldn’t draw something on my own? This made Mini remind about the words of Neil and she says innovation and implementations can make one an artist not copying other styles.

Rani is scolding Arya for completing the breakfast and Arya says I can not eat as my bandage is getting out. Mini smiles and says get one more bandage from my desk. Arya says Montu is still bothering me and I told her if you bully me again then my elder sister will beat you up. Mini smiles and says if you extract his fears from your mind then it will be fine.

Arya says to Mini keep that chef for your kitchen and hire him and keep him in this restaurant. Mini gives her words a thought. the chefs are giggling in the kitchen and Khursid Miyaan is asking all to be serious and be attentive to their works. Mini says to the workers I will fight with all of you and will never keep you aloof from this as all of you means family to me. Mini asks her grandmother to call Neil Oberoi as she will hire him for the restaurant.

Precap – Neil and Mini are discussing salary and Mini promises him percentage of the restaurant profit and Neil signs the deal with her.