Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th December 2019 Written Update: Prakash apologizes to Yogi

Episode starts with Mega asks Pari what happened. Pari ignores her and checks patients. Neha says I know you’re missing Yogi and that’s why you’re taking double shift at specially abled ward and asks her to talk with Yogi. Pari says he is married and it’s my decision to leave him and I love to spend time with him. Neha says I can understand and Yogi also can’t stay without you.

Kusum asks Yogi why youre Punishing Gunjan for your dad mistakes even after Dadaji advice. Yogi stays silent. Kusum asks can I make something for you to eat. He sleeps in her lap and cries reminding his moments with pari. Kusum asks for his long you will avoid Gunjan. Yogi says I forgot Gunjan and Pari is my love. Kusum says I know it but Gunjan is your wife and it’s reality. Yogi cries hugging her. Prakash says I made mistake but I can’t ask Gunjan to leave. Prakash apologizes to Yogi and asks him to accept Gunjan without punishing her. Yogi says some people can never understand what their kids needed and leaves.

Prakash says he hates me so much. Kusum says bauji hi correct you ruined Yogi life. Prakash says I done mistake thinking he will forget Pari once Gunjan is back to his life but now I feel like I lost him but now we have to think about Gunjan too because she loves him and Yogi is avoiding her. Kusum says now also you worried about Gunjan leaving Pari and Yogi.  Praksh says we have to stop Yogi and make him understand Gunjan is his everything. Kusum says but he moved on and only one person can convince him. Prakash asks who. Kusum says Pari.

Pari gets call from Kusum. She asks Pari to help. Pari asks what happened. Prakash says if she is back to home than everything will be over. Kusum request Pari to never meet Yogi asks her to leave him.

Nisha says Yogi is meeting Pari leaving Gunjan and we have to stop him. Kabir says I will talk with Yogi. Nisha asks Kabir to take her to hospital tomorrow. Kabir gets call some girl. he lies to Nisha and talk with that girl and kisses her on phone saying good night.

At morning Kusum feels unhappy thinking everyone is out without having tiffin. Kusum asks about Kabir. Nisha says he is lost these days. Vivek says maybe office work. Kusum asks Yogi to have Tiffin with them. Yogi says I will eat outside. Prakash scolds him. Dadaji asks where is Gunjan. Yogi says maybe went Somewhere.

Kusum gets Seema call. Seema asks how are you and hope Gunjan is not giving any problems. Kusum says everything is fine and gives phone to Prakash. Seema invites Yogi and Gunjan for dinner. Prakash asks Yogi to say something but Yogi leaves without replying.

Precap – Gunjan informs Yogi and Pari loves eachother to Seema and Seema gets stunned. At hospital Yogi drags Pari toward him and Gunjan witness them.