Patiala Babes 19th February 2020 Written Update: Mini teaches Arya about the importance of good and bad touch

Episode begins with Arya and Neha got scared of Keval uncle when Mini also comes out of the cabin of the head mistress and she notices that both the kids are scared of something. Mini noticed Keval and she understands why they are getting scared.

However Vinita slapped Keval form is behaving badly with her daughter Neha. Keval says to Vinita who are you to slap me like this? You are just a good for nothing woman when Mini twisted his fingers and says what worth you have to call us cheap and good for nothing. If you meet me outside of this school premises then I will make sure to break all your bones. Mini goes away from the school premises with Arya and Neha. However, Keval signs something to the kids and tries to scare them again.

Mini and Arya are back in the home and they are trying to celebrate their first win by having a good dinner with pizza and french fries. Mini also orders french fries for Neil but when Neil comes back home and asks what is the reason for the celebration? Both the sisters denied to tell him anything and he feels offended and leaves from there without having the fries.

In the morning, the milkman again comes in front of the house of Hanuman Singh and is looking for Neil. He somehow made Neil agree to take at least one litre milk from him and Neil also does it and mini says that today I got to know that you are a very emotional person. Neil says that I took this milk for Arya only and he again expresses his displeasure for not being able to be a companion of Mini so that she can share everything with him.

Mini says to Rani that from today onwards I will have fresh dairy milk and not the packaged drinking milk. Alia gets ready for school with so much interest and excitement. She says to Mini that I have a painting competition in the school today and like last year I will win this year as well.

Mini decides to discuss with Arya about the realisation of bad and good touch. She says if someone touches you in a way that you feel comfortable with it then it is a good touch but if someone touches you and you feel uncomfortable with it then it is considered as a bad touch.

She says the part covered by your frock is not allowed to touch by anyone. Arya says to Mini I want to tell you that you are a very brave person. Mini also says to Arya that you are a very brave girl and I am proud of you. Rani comes to call Arya for school.

Precap – Arya goes missing from school and Mini gets tensed.