Patiala Babes 20th December 2019 Written Update: Neil signs the deal with Mini

The episode starts with Minnie eagerly waits for Neil and gets angry when he doesn’t turn up. She wonders if someone else hired him before them.

Neil is actually sleeping when his house owner Sandu aunty wakes him up and scolds him saying that it is already afternoon and he is still sleeping. He complains that she always disturbs him. She asks for rent and says that she will not let him butter her with his food. Neil prepares omelette for her. She likes it a lot and he says that he cooks very good but had to leave because of the lack of professionalism of the owner of the restaurant. Sandhu aunty scolds him and says that she knows she left the job after fighting with the owner. She leaves warning Neil to pay rent soon. Neil sees a lot of messages and missed calls and replies that he is on the way.

LaterSandhu aunty meets Kammo and complains about Neil with him. Kammo convinces her to stop thinking about him and go to the parlor.

On the other hand Neil takes his shirt for ironing and sees Arya returning from school. Ironman asks Neil to pay 5inr, but Neil pays 3Inr. Aryagives a marble to ironman who asks her 2inr. Neil takes the marble and gives 10inr to the ironman. He considers the marble as his lucky charm.

After a while Neil attends interview. Minnie asks why he didn’t come on time. He says he was sleeping. She wonders how can he sleep until 12.00 but he says he can. She asks him how much salary he will take. He says 50000inr. She says it is too much for a rejected chef. They get it done for 30000inr after arguing. He asks his share from the profit and she replies 8%. He says 25%. She settles for 12% and he can start right now. Neil seems very confident about himself.

Arya goes to play with the colony kids. An arrogant kid Montu tries to bully her, but she warns him that nobody will play with him. She plays with kids, but Montu pushes her away and says she lost. Everyone mocks Arya along him. Arya gets angry. Rani reminds her not to pay heed to bullies and win the game using her intelligence.

Meanwhile Neil starts working and asks his colleagues to work professionally. He sees Simpy listening to music and cutting chicken at the same time and warns her to be careful; she agrees but then starts listening to music again and cuts chicken wrongly. Neil scolds her saying that if she can’t work properly she can leave. Geeta and Khurshidgive him back and say that he can’t speak rudely. Neil says he is the head chef and can even remove them if he wants. Geeta says it is also their restaurant and he can’t speak rudely to them. He replies he can. Geeta looks at Naeem B who says that she doesn’t want to interfere and asks them to obey the head chef. Neil thanks her for understanding and warns the workers again to leave if they can’t work the way he wants. Minnie walks in asking what is happening. She asks him to ask those who don’t want to work with such a staff and they can leave if they don’t work properly.

Episode ends

Precap: Minnie warns Neil saying that she can’t sack her staff and he also can’t be rude to her them. She tries to speak but she says it’s an order. She receives a call and is shocked to know that the customer has cancelled the order.