Pavitra Bhagya 10th August 2020 Written Update: Pranati provokes Reyaansh hitting his sensitive spot

Pavitra Bhagya10th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadi threatening Pranati to be there like a statue for decoration and leave after 6 months. She warns her to not mess with the marriage and leaves. Pranati cries recalling Jugnu’s words. Reyaansh welcomes Rhea and her family. Pranati watches it fuming and Reyaansh notices her extremely angry. He asks what happened and Pranati says that he won in his trap. She blames him for indulging hatred in her daughter’s heart for her. Reyaansh gets a call and gets shocked. He drags Pranati and Pranati struggles under his hold. He asks what did she do in the case of Navya. Maan says on phone that Navya and her child’s condition is worse. He asks what did she do. She says she didn’t do anything but just wanted her to come and tell the truth. She asks what happened to Navya. He scolds her putting her as well as Navya’s life in danger. Pranati asks isn’t it Dadi’s plan and Reyaansh stands shocked.

Dadi calls Maan and asks him to make sure that the baby doesn’t survive. Pranati blames Reyaansh for supporting Dadi’s deeds. She feels ashamed to have loved him. Reyaansh assures her that nothing will happen to Navya. Pranati blames his family and slaps Reyaansh for trying to shut her. Reyaansh raises his hand against her but stops in mid air. She says that she will leave with her daughter as she can’t stay there in this family. She says she don’t want to her daughter to suffer like his mother. She blames his family for forcing her to suicide. She says that it’s them who manipulated her to take her own life. Reyaansh gets furious and warns her to stay in her limits. Pranati challenges that she’ll leave the house with her daughter for sure and leaves.

Mehendi ceremony starts and Reyaansh drinks recalling Pranati’s words. Pranati tries calling Navya worried for her. Reyaansh dances with Rhea and asks everyone to listen to him. A drunken Reyaansh asks Rhea to know the true face of the family. He says none was ever happy in the family. He points Pranati and says that she’s a time bomb who blasts anytime. Armaan and Dadi tries stopping him but he doesn’t stop. Reyaansh says that he can’t tolerate Pranati for even 50 days. He says that he has a daughter of 8 years old. He asks what’s the use of marriage and all. Dadi tries intervening but Mallika asks didn’t he say that he loves his wife. Reyaansh agrees and hugs Pranati while everyone sighs in relief. Dadi manages the situation and Reyaansh takes Pranati away forcibly. He pushes her into a room and her words keeps ringing in his ears.

Precap : Reyaansh says Pranati that he will show his hate on her. Neha tries convincing Jugnu that Pranati loves her but Jugnu doesn’t accept.