Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 10th August 2020 Written Update: Amber helps out Guneet in taking care of her mother

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 10th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Amber says to Hakim that if she has given a single hint for progression then I will do my best to reach upto her. However, she has built a wall around her. Guneet feels she is free right now from all the past bondages and limitations. She says to her friend that I feel something good is going to happen with me in the upcoming days. Niya is talking to her aunty regarding her reports when she got to know that she is also separating from her husband legally. She gives the whole situation a thought and asks her aunty to come along with her in their house.

Pammi comes to the house of Amber Sharma with a motive to provoke RV for a different rent house so that she can come back to her old room in this house. RV got her intention and he politely asked her to go back to their house. Pammi meets with an accident outside of the house of Amber. Amber comes back home and gets angry to see his sister-in-law there and they both end up having an argument while Niya tries to mend up their differences. She tries to tell her father that her aunty is going through some tough situations in life and being a family, if we will not help her out then who will ?

Amber says that I am not taking responsibility of each and everyone when Hakim comes to their house and informs Amber about the incident of Pammi. Niya and RV are discussing with each other about the office project with We-Net. She is hesitating to work in that office once again after that mishap with Kabir and Swara. RV asks her to pay attention to her work proceedings but Niya was unsure. The doctor advised Guneet not to move her mother for the upcoming 10-15 days as any kind of physical or mental stress is not good for her. Hakim says to Guneet I will demonstrate you what all to do and how to monitor your mother. Amber helps out Guneet in taking care of Pammi in association with Hakim. Mr and Mrs Shukla left for their jagrata leaving the house on Amber as he is trustworthy. RV says to Niya how long you are going to ignore Kabir like this? Life doesn’t work in this way and Niya looks at him with an innocent and helpless look.

Precap – Guneet says thank you to Amber and offers him breakfast.