Pavitra Bhagya 14th August 2020 Written Update: Malika uses bad words about Jugnu

Pavitra Bhagya 14th August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malika creates a show  because Jugnu has touched some flowers.  She says that Jugnu is an illegitimate child and all have become inauspicious due to Jugnu’s touche.  Jugnu says that till yesterday she was praising her and wants to become her step mother.  And today she is talking like this.  Malika says that is not what she meant.  Pandit ji also says that children are the form of God so nothing is inauspicious due to the child.

Vishmber says that he too does not want to see illegitimate children like Jugnu here.  Grandma says his thoughts are old.  Vishmber says that but still he does not like to take any risk.  There Praniti and Reyansh are fighting.  Reyansh say that Navya was also at fault.  And he doesn’t even care about this illegitimate child thing.  Praniti despises his thinking.  And says that would like die after hearing such nonsense.  Reyansh then says does she want to die from his hands.  Praniti says that he can’t do such things as he only can make some cheap mistakes.

Malika uses bad words about Jugnu and tells her blood to be dirty.  Jugnu says that she did not want to participate in this marriage.  She says they called her here.  Grandma then tells her to go.  Jugnu leaves from there in anger.  Sister-in-law arrives and informs Praniti that Jugnu needs her.  While Jugnu is angry and starts breaking things and then some people come and kidnap her.

Further, Praniti searches for Jugnu but cannot find her anywhere.  Sister-in-law says that she got so involved in other’s affairs that she forgot her own daughter.  Sister-in-law tells her how everyone called her illegitimate and she left from there in a huff. While Riya and Armaan’s marriage ceremony is going on.  Praniti feels that Jugnu is missing and that Reyansh should be behind it because he wants to ruin her.  Reyansh comes down and asks his brother the reason for his sadness.  His brother speaks that he has done a lot wrong with Navya and he is a sinner.  Reyansh wants to say something . But then Praniti holds his hand and takes him somewhere.  Reyansh gets shocked.  Reyansh asks how dare she.  Praniti asks about Jugnu  Reyansh says that he knows nothing about this.

Praniti says that he wants to take Jugnu away from her and so he has hidden her.  Praniti says please tell her that where is her daughter?  Praniti starts crying.  Reyansh is sad to see her like this.  Reyansh says he doesn’t really know anything.  Praniti says that he said that he wants to ruin her, that’s why he did this.  Praniti begging Reyansh and asks for Jugnu. Episode end.