Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th December 2020 Written Update: Omkar gets attacked by Ashwaria

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 15th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar getting up and thinking why did he do this. He gets anxious and leaves. Manjiri sees Omkar and asks if he is feeling better now. Omkar recalls how he kissed Mayura on cheeks while she was asleep and then he saw scar on her face. He says Manjiri to pack bags as it’s time for someone to leave.

Mayura wakes up and find Omkar is missing from bed. She goes down and asks Manjiri about Omkar’s whereabouts. Manjiri tells her she herself poisoned Omkar and then cured him but this won’t change her heart. Mayura says she knows Manjiri ‘s feelings towards her won’t change and she can hate her all she wants but she needs to meet Omkar and give me morning dosage of medicine.

Manjiri says Omkar already found another doctor and took medicine too. She says he has left for honeymoon. She goes on to say that Omkar has said her not to find him and that she won’t say his location to Mayura.

Mayura thinks someone surely wants to harm Omkar. As they gave him poison when doctors were on strike and there was also curfew in the city.

Mayura goes to talk to Sankar about this matter.

She tells Sankar that they think its Mayura who wants to harm Omkar but it’s someone else and they don’t even know who it is. Sankar tells how to find the culprit. Meanwhile Omkar is shown going to jungle with Ashwaria. She thinks at home if she did something she could blame Mayura. But now in jungle they will be alone so blame will come on her. She texts Manish that she will keep him updated about their location. Ashwaria says Omkar she wants to use washroom. She asks him to stop. Omkar says there is a dhaba nearby and they will stop there. Ashwaria informs the same to Manish.

Manjiri receives a parcel from guruji. She thinks why he sent parcel. In parcel he had sent something to protect Omkar from the danger in his life which is persistent for seven days.

Manjiri panics and starts shouting hysterically that her son’s life is in danger.

Omkar is waiting at dhaba and sees a couple, he recalls his and Mayura’s moments seeing them. He thinks why he can’t get Mayura out of his mind. He thinks where did Ashwaria go since half an hour. Ashwaria is shown talking to Manish and planning to kill Omkar. She tells Manish to keep following them and plans further.

Mayura reaches where Omkar is. Omkar gets shocked seeing her. He asks her what is she doing there, she says they have married twice but he didnt take her to honeymoon so she joined him here. She then says how she with Sankar’s help made Balli reveal the location of highway. Sankar had acted that Omkar forgot datura leaves at home and so Balli says he must be at highway before going to jungle. Mayura remembers about bungalow Omkar took her before which was in jungle. Sankar tells her about some location in that area. Ashwaria gets happy to see  Mayura there as she can put blame on her now. Omkar tells Ashwaria they will leave and go back home now. But ashwaria says they have come so far so they should roam a bit. Mayura also sits in car with them while eating her chocolate. In car she offers Omkar to eat chocolate and teases him. A while later Omkar tells Mayura to get out of car. He tells her didnt say anything before as there were people at dhaba. Ashwaria thinks why Omkar is making her leave. Mayura pleads  Omkar not to leave her at the jungle alone. But Omkar leaves her and goes.

Mayura is running behind the car and thinks if she has revenge plan but she can never risk his life.

Manjiri and Sankar are also traveling to location where Omkar is as Manjiri is worried about his safety.

Meanwhile, Ashwaria attacks Omkar on head with a stick in the jungle and he falls unconscious .

Precap – Mayura comes to jungle and sees car is empty and Omkar’s wallet is still there. She thinks something is definitely wrong. It’s shown Omkar is being dragged by Ashwaria and Manish.

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