Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Omkar tries to show Neel’s truth to Mayura but he fails.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar warning Neel and saying him Mayura can never be his. Both of them argue and get into fight, Neel’s shirt sleeves get torn, his tattoo is visible which is Kundan. Neel says Omkar he won’t let him win and leaves. Omkar looks on suspiciously.

At Mayura’s house, Ashwaria comes in disguise to give milk. Mayura doesnt recognize her and lets her enter inside. She mixes poison in the milk. Mayura makes tea and serves to everyone. Ashwaria looks on from outside and think why Mayura isn’t drinking tea. Omkar comes from behind and scolds Ashwaria for her devil plans.

Dadi, Sulekha and Ashutosh become unconscious due to consumption on poison added in milk by Ashwaria. Mayura cries badly and panics. Neel comes there and says he should take them immediately to hospital.

Omkar asks Ashwaria what was she doing outside Mayura’s home. Mayura and Neel take Mayura’s family members to hospital, from ambulance, Mayura notices Ashwaria standing there and says its all done by her, she had come to give milk and added something in it. But however Mayura also sees Omkar there and misunderstands him once again. Even Neel instigates her much more.

Mayura feels disgusted. Omkar calls police to arrest Ashwaria. While leaving Ashwaria laughs at Omkar and tells him that even if she leaves, Omkar will never get Mayura. A big plan is made against him and soon Omkar and Mayura will be destroyed. Omkar gets confused. Ashwaria says him that he doesn’t even know how something big is being plotted against him.

Omkar comes to hospital to check on Mayura but she starts accusing him of harming her family. Omkar gets shocked. He says he didn’t do anything. Mayura doesnt believe him at all and says him if he wants to kill Mayura, and starts hurting herself. She picks up a scalpel and tells Omkar to kill her. She acts hysteric and in process hurt her palm. Neel calms down Mayura.

Neel warns Omkar and tells him that he cannot get Mayura. He tells he will teach Omkar a good lesson once he marries Mayura. Omkar connects his words with Ashwaria’s warning and thinks why he didnt think before that Neel is the main cause of everything. He wonders how Neel came so close to Mayura in such less time.

Mayura cries infront of Ashutosh and says she is sorry for not listening to him and getting close to Omkar. Ashutosh emotionally blackmails her and asks her to marry Neel. On other side,Omkar comes to Neel’s home and sees its completely empty. He wonders why house of such a big doctor is like this. He gets the medical bill of different hospital. Omkar thinks about why Neel is paying so much to another hospital and for whom.

Neel tries to manipulate Mayura once again and requests her to marry him. He says he will fulfill all her needs and asks her to think about it. Omkar comes to the hospital whose bill he found at Neel’s home. He disguises himself as a doctor. Mayura asks Neel about his family, he gets startled.

Omkar sees some patient getting hysteric and gets curious hearing the voice. Doctors cannot control that patient, Omkar gets shocked to see its Kundan. He recalls all the past incidents with Kundan. Omkar realizes Neel is Kundan’s brother and is doing everything for revenge.

Omkar meets Mayura and tries to tell her Neel’s reality but she badly scolds him. Omkar says he will drink antiseptic and kill himself. Mayura says he can do it. But then she stops him and says she did it because of humanity. Neel meets Kundan and thinks he will destroy Omkar.

Omkar brings Mayura to room and says this is Neel’s brother, Kundan who was Megha’s fiance. But there is someone else on the bed. Mayura gets angry and leaves.

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