Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 19th February 2021 Written Update: Mysterious guy is revealed to be Kundan, Megha’s ex-fiance

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Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: Is this the end to growing closeness of Omkar and Mayura ?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 19th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura coming to the temple. She shows Omkar’s picture to a shopkeeper and asks if he has seen him. The man says he saw him sometime back arguing with a lady and then they went together towards some old factory. Mayura gets worried thinking that lady may have been Ashwaria. At home Neel gets impatient thinking where Mayura went without signing the papers. He receives a voice message from Mayura saying she is going to find Omkar as he may be in danger due to Ashwaria.
Neel informs Ashutosh that Mayura went to search for Omkar.

Mayura comes to some secluded area and thinks its the same where Ashwaria had dug Omkar before. She sees a car parked there and thinks Omkar is there. She shouts Omkar and tries to find him. She again sees the mound of dust similar to what had happened to before. She panics and starts removing the dust and cries saying she won’t let anything happen to Omkar. When she digs in she finds some clothes. Omkar comes there and says when she loves him so much why is she denying so much. Mayura gets shocked.

Flashback is shown how Omkar and Shankar had planned this together so that Omkar can meet Mayura. Mayura gets angry at Omkar and tries to leave. However both of them fall down together. She tries to get up but her hair gets tangled in Omkar’s button. Omkar tells her about how much he loves her and missed her when she waa gone.

They have war of words and Omkar begs her to remember their past. Mayura confesses that she remembers everything. She reminds him of all the wrong doings. She tells she remembers how he had given her the scar and everytime she recalls it,she dies out of pain and frustration. Omkar tells her that he is no more that bad and impolite Omkar, he is changed man now. He is the one she had fell in love with.

Mayura pushes him away and says he is just pretending to be good. Just like he had done in the past. She tells Omkar can never love but he is only being stubborn. She tells him she will never fall for his trap again. She shouts and tells Mayura can never be Omkar’s. Omkar feels broken.

Mayura meets Neel and says Omkar can only give her pain so she wants to go away from him forever. She asks him to give the papers by signing which her marriage with Omkar will be no more valid. Mayura tells Neel that she cannot marry him as she still loves Omkar but her relationship with Omkar will only give her pain. She cries and feels hurt but signs the paper.

Neel meets the mysterious patient and says him he has broken Mayura and Omkar’s marriage. Mayura herself signed those papers. Neel says now Omkar’s life will be destroyed completely. The mysterious man is revealed to be Neel’s brother, Kundan , one who was supposed to get married to Megha. Neel reminds him how Omkar had kidnapped him and sent a false letter by his name. Due to torture by Omkar he lost his mental balance and still hasn’t recovered. Neel says now he will destroy Omkar completely.

Mayura comes home and tells her parents that she had gone to meet Omkar. Mayura tells them she has recalled everything and also signed the papers which will invalidate her marriage with Omkar. Omkar meets Neel asks him why is he creating a misunderstanding between them. Neel says once he gets married to Mayura, Omkar will come to know why Neel did all this.

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