Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Mayura gets trapped in her own game

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 23rd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura keeping the phone. Ashwaria thinks what’s going on in Mayura’s mind. She calls Manish and asks him to meet her immediately. Mayura thinks she has planted seeds of suspicion in Ashwaria’s mind. Once her reality is revealed, she will let Omkar decide what to do.

Mayura goes to meet Omkar. Omkar tells her to go away. Mayura says he hates her mark so she will hide it but he should listen to her for few minutes. She goes on saying about how it has always been Ashwaria who kept attacking him. She says Ashwaria wants to take over all his property. She reminds him of all the incidents and also tells about Ashwaria having a boyfriend and with him she is planning to kill Omkar. Omkar goes outside with Mayura.

Mayura shows him Ashwaria from behind who is talking to someone. She says Omkar that Ashwaria is talking to her boyfriend and plotting against him. Omkar goes to ask Ashwaria about what’s happening. Manjiri comes there and says she had to come after what ashwaria told her. Ashwaria plays the clip where Mayura was saying that she wants to get Omkar’s property.

Ashwaria starts her acting. Mayura tries to defend herself but Manjiri slaps her and tells Omkar that it’s Mayura who wants to take his life. Manjiri shouts and says Mayura is his life’s enemy. Mayura tells Omkar not to believe her. Omkar tells that he has proof. He asks her to say if the girl in video isn’t her, if that voice isn’t hers. He says she tried so many different ways to kill him but failed.

Omkar tells Mayura the video is a proof she has been planning to kill him. Police come there and say Mayura will be under arrest for trying to kill Omkar. Police women drags Mayura. Mayura starts crying and begs Omkar to listen to her. Omkar stops police from taking Mayura away. Manjiri tells him not to stop them but he says he doesn’t want to spoil his family ‘s name.

Omkar tells Mayura not to think that he believes her. He wouldn’t feel happy and satisfied enough to see her going with police but rather will be more content seeing her leave his house. Omkar taunts her a lot and then leaves. Ashwaria also taunts and rebukes Mayura. She says even if she keeps shouting Omkar will never believe her. Even though Mayura knows the reality of Ashwaria but none will believe her. Manjiri calls Ashwaria to come with her. At home, Omkar is recalling Mayura’s threat about taking revenge and then the incidents that had been happening. How Mayura was present at every incidents and saved his life too.

Mayura also comes there and recalls how Omkar told her to leave his house by new year. She thinks if she leaves she won’t be able to save Omkar’s life. Omkar on other hand thinks what’s happening with him. Even though he hates Mayura he can’t get her out of his thoughts. Omkar offers Aarti to Mayura and says still some share of her Aarti is left. S

he recalls her marriage with Omkar. Omkar places seven coconuts and says each one will break with passing days and their breaking relationship. Mayura is drinking tea and Omkar sees her. He recalls happy romantic moment with Mayura, how she had told him about wish star and gifts from Santa.

Omkar and Ashwaria attends the party. Ashwaria tells Manish that no one can save Omkar this time. Mayura thinks she has seen face of attacker but he will come in party in disguise.

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