Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 25th November 2020 Written Update: Mayura starts working on her revenge plan

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 25th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with guests congratulating Omkar. Omkar sees Mayura’s reflection in sunglasses of one of guests. Mayura realizes Omkar has seen her reflection but when she tries to leave, her cloth gets stuck in nail. Omkar reaches there but finds another lady behind the curtain who says she was just peeping around. Omkar again thinks he felt Mayura is around.

 Mayura thinks time to hide has ended. Manjiri comes and tells Omkar to get ready for honor ceremony. Manjiri does some rituals for Omkar and then Sankar comes too. Omkar tells him that he has come on right time and takes his blessings. Sankar says him to use proper words. His bad time is already going on.

 Mayura dances along with other performers. When the music stops Mayura is on stage holding the pagdi cloth for ceremony and blowing the shank. She reveals her half face and everyone is shocked to see her. Sankar thinks now things will be better.

Manjiri tells Mayura she had left her son and went away, why is she back now. Mayura starts acting and says she is guilty of everything and says she wants to ask for forgiveness again. She wants to stay with him forever.

Mayura says she has realized her mistake and returned back. She tells him if he cannot give her place in her arms atleast he should give her place in his feet. Omkar gets angry but Manjiri calms him saying all the public is there. Public says it’s nice Mayura has returned back to Omkar. Mayura falls in Omkar’s feet and digs her nails harshly till his feet starts bleeding. She thinks Omkar has hurt her a lot, now it’s her turn.

Manjiri controls Omkar from doing anything to Mayura  in front of the public. Sankar tells that Mayura’s punishment is that all the insult she had done to Omkar, now she must replace it with respect. So she should do the Pagdi ritual and honor Omkar. Mayura snatches the pagdi cloth from Manjiri and tells it’s really a big thing for her. Sankar tells now pride will lose and truth will win. Mayura holds Omkar’s hand tightly and looks at him angrily and tells him to sit on chair.

Dadi returns back home and scolds Sulekha and Ashutosh for encouraging Mayura, she asks them they should have asked her to fall in her laws feet but instead they made her go against them. But they say they did the right thing. Mayura is very confident and they are supporting her for the right.

Mayura tells Piyush she acted very well and made public believe how she is innocent and guilty. But he doesn’t know she has come here to take revenge from him.

Mayura is tying the pagdi on Omkar’s head. He asks her if she intentionally tying it in opposite direction. She says she did mistake by taking seven rounds of marriage with her. Now with these opposite rounds she will make his life hell. Sankar plays drums and says everyone to clap. He thinks Mayura’s confidence deserves all respect.

Mayura taunts Omkar while tying the pagdi.

After ceremony, Mayura is moving in the house. She recalls all memories. She gets flashback of Omkar attacking her face. Sankar comes there. She sees marks on his feet and asks if Omkar had kept him tied and brought him out today when he needed. Sankar tells want he went through is nothing compared to what Mayura had to experience. He gives her nutcracker which he had given her. She says he had kept it carefully but they threw her luggage. Sankar says he knows it and encourages her to fight against Omkar. Mayura goes to her room and again recalls the past memories.

Mayura sees her reflection who tells her that it’s going to be difficult but she needs to keep fighting. Omkar enters the room and asks her what is she doing in her room. Mayura tells him it their room and he will never be happy now till Mayura is in his life. She laughs aloud and taunts him more.

Precap Same as yesterday.

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