Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25th November 2020 Written Update: Preeto is shocked with Heer’s pregnancy news!

Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 25th November 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Virat asking Heer if she has gone crazy by lying about her pregnancy. He gets angry on her. Heer asks why she can’t get pregnant. Virat says she can’t because she is transgender but stops midway. Heer asks Virat to listen to her once. She discloses Simran is pregnant thus, she lied to protect her. Heer asks Virat to help her in protecting Simran. Virat says this lie will make them fall in trouble. Heer asks Virat to support her. Virat says he will support her but the day anything will happen to her or Simran than he will reveal the truth to all. He leaves the room post Heer says they too will become parents one day and this is the trial.

Simran over hears Heer’s talk. She recalls how much she misbehaved with Heer. Simran apologize to Heer and hugs her. Heer console Simran.

Other side, Preeto tells to Viran to stay without Shanno for few days. Viran says where she has send Shanno. Preeto says she has send Shanno to Kinnar’s place so that she can learn they are humans too. In the meantime, Virat’s mother enters Harak house and reveals Preeto that Heer is pregnant. Preeto stands stunned. Singh mates stands shocked too.

Virat’s mother says they were shocked too. She invites Preeto for the celebration and Puja at the house. Preeto says she will come later. Virat’s mother drags Preeto to her house. Viran says to Harak if they would have understand Shanno’s word and would have told Heer her real identity than this drama would not have happened. There, Simran asks Arjun to talk with his parents. Arjun asks Simran to abort the baby. Simran asks Arjun not to say like that and convince his family for the marriage. Arjun false trap Simran and smirk.

Beeji taunts Daljeet. Virat’s mother brings Preeto. Preeto confront Heer. She asks her why she lied about her pregnancy. Heer asks Preeto how she is so sure she can’t get pregnant. Preeto asks Heer to reveal the truth to her family. Virat interrupts Preeto. Preeto gets adamant to reveal the truth to Singh family.

Virat interrupts Preeto. Preeto says to Virat that he promised her before marriage that post wedding she will only have the right to take decision related to Heer. She says pregnancy truth will get heavy for Heer. Heer says she does not understand why Preeto is creating drama over this as one day, Virat and she will have baby too. Preeto and Virat looks at each other. Preeto gets adamant to reveal the truth to Singh family. (Episode ends)

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