Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th November 2020 Written Update: Sanjay comes to help Mayura

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 26th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar getting angry on Mayura but she is sitting calmly on bed and says she isn’t afraid of him anymore. Manjiri stops Omkar and tells him she will handle Mayura. He should control himself as people are still there outside. Mayura tells Manjiri to go may be her son wants to beat up Mayura. She tries to provoke Omkar. Manjiri again tells Omkar to go out and let her talk to Mayura. Omkar leaves.

Sanjay says Ashutosh and Sulekha that he wants to go check about Mayura’s situation there.

Sulekha gives him permission to go but keeps a condition that he should make sure he himself doesn’t get hurt. They have an emotional moment as Sanjay thanks them for accepting an orphan like him and giving him a new family. Dadi taunts them for helping Mayura.

Manjiri talks to Mayura and threatens her with a knife. She says Mayura to leave. She uses knife and takes Mayura outside. But Mayura pushes her away. While she tries to run away Bali and his men are standing there to block her way. Manjiri tells her that it’s Omkar’s palace and she cannot run away from here. She asks balli if guests left, he nods in yes.

 Manjiri takes Mayura downstairs where Omkar is waiting. Omkar taunts her. Manjiri tries to push Mayura outside home but instead Mayura pushes her out. Manjiri screams. Mayura mocks and laughs at her. Omkar comes and picks her up. He takes Mayura outside and throws her on heap of hay. He tells her that he is beginning new life so he didn’t throw in fire but instead on grass. Mayura taunts him back and confidently tells him that she will be back before tomorrow morning Aarti.

Mayura leaves from there and sees Sanjay. She asks him why is he here and if everything is ok at home. Sanjay tells her it’s going to be night soon and it will get colder too, so she should come with him. She denies and explains her viewpoint. She calls him Sanjay bhai ya. He gets emotional and says they have given him all the relationships he has been craving for since childhood. She tells him he isn’t only her brother in law but also her brother. She requests him to let her stay there. He permits her but asks her to promise that she will inform him immediately if she has any problem. She agrees to him. It’s freezing cold at night.

Mayura feels terribly cold in the backyard. Omkar is sitting in his room with a shawl wrapped. He sees Mayura and laughs at her condition. Mayura tries to use the hays to keep herself a bit warm, while she sleeps Omkar’s shawl falls on her. Omkar comes outside. Mayura taunts him again. He goes back. Dil ye ziddi hai plays in background.

Mayura forces herself to sleep as she has to fight a new battle from next day. In morning, Balli comes and says that crowd has gathered around Mayura. Manjiri asks Omkar to leave Aarti and come outside. He sees Mayura lying like  dead. Manjiri asks if she is dead. Omkar tells her he cannot see one more death. He sees a poison bottle nearby and gets shocked. He panics badly. He carries Mayura inside and makes her lie down on sofa. He tries to bring her to consciousness. He turns around and find her gone. He gets shocked.

Mayura then explains how she did all of it and laughs at them. She says she has told she will be at home before morning aarti and she is here. She praises herself and goes from there. Omkar tells Manjiri that some ministers will be coming to there home so she should take care of Mayura. Manjiri thinks she will also play games with Mayura.

Omkar is asking the maid about mark on his shirt. He shouts at her and asks her to clean it. Mayura recalls how Omkar had said he  doesn’t like marks and wants everything neat and clean. Mayura applies black color on his face and then says she will clean it for him. She recalls how Omkar had cleaned mud from her face.

Omkar shouts at her and tells him not to test his patience. He cleans his face and leaves. Mayura is laughing at him but suddenly slips and falls due to marbles spread by  Manjiri. Manjiri laughs at her but Mayura gets up and says all this doesn’t hurt her anymore as her son has given her much more pain. She thinks tomorrow she will such a big shock to Omkar which he will always remember.

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