Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd December 2020 Written Update: Mayura signs divorce papers

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar saying Mayura that her only reason to stay there is their marriage. So she should give him divorce and go. But Mayura denies and says she won’t. Omkar tells her to stop arguing and behave like good kid and sign the papers .

Balli brings Sanjay with him badly beaten up. Mayura gets shocked to see his state. Balli keeps beating Sanjay. Omkar says Mayura she has to sign the papers or else he will harm Sanjay more.

Megha also comes there and shouts at Mayura. She tells Mayura is the cause of all problems. Piyush died only because of her stubbornness. She keeps on taunting Mayura and tells her to sign the papers. Sanjay tells Megha to shut up and tells Mayura to not to listen to them.

Omkar says Mayura is very good at taking his brothers on her side but this time it won’t work. Balli beats Sanjay more. Megha shouts at Mayura and tells her she knows the pain and suffering a widow has to go through in the society so she wants Sanjay to be alive. Sanjay tells Mayura to do whatever she wants and he doesn’t care if he has to die.

Megha tells Mayura she always have been suffering since childhood because of her. Then she tells how Omkar entered in the middle of her ongoing court case and made her arrange the divorce papers and now her career is at stake because of Omkar. She again tells Mayura to listen to Omkar to sign the papers.

Omkar and Mayura again have word’s battle as usual and Mayura taunts Omkar saying the stamp on divorce papers don’t affect her. Omkar tells Manjiri he doesn’t want to hurt or kill anyone more so she should take care. Manjiri tells within 30 minutes she will throw away everyone outside.

Manjiri is seeing photos for Omkar’s remarriage. She sees photo on chamcham(from upcoming show namak ishq ka). She calls and taunts the one who had sent her pics about why she sent her dancer’s pic and shouts at her. Mayura hears all this and feels bad for Chamcham. She thinks about cruelty of society. She wishes that Chamcham gets a life partner who doesn’t judge her on basis of her dance occupation.

Next morning, Balli comes in dancing with troop. Mayura gets shocked. Omkar tells Mayura that divorce papers will get seal in 3 days. But he doesn’t want her to leave relaxed for even 3 days. He then calls in someone whom he introduces as his future bride. Manjiri is very happy to see her and calls her miss beautiful.

Omkar introduces her to Mayura and tells she is Ashwaria, his soon to be wife. Ashwaria tells she is also called Aishu and addresses Mayura as didi. Manjiri gets impressed and praises her. Omkar goes on to taunt Mayura and praise Ashwaria’s spotless beauty.

Omkar says Mayura to stay at his home for 3 days and do all the preparations for his wedding. He tells her to do everything starting from Tilak, haldi, mehendi and all the rituals.. Ashwaria’s mother comes there and asks what’s the problem. She tells her to keep quiet.

Omkar tells again that Mayura should do all the marriage preparations.

Mayura thinks Omkar did a big mistake by letting her stay there. Now she will show him.

Precap same as yesterday.

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