Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st December 2020 Written Update: Omkar gets attacked by swarm of bees.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 1st December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura getting happy seeing the little girl (dressed as goddess) . She recalls how she had earlier said goddess idol that she will never ask for her help. The little girl asks her who locked her up.

Guy dressed as lion also gets up and asks Mayura how she got trapped there. They open the lock and give her water. She tells a devil had locked her. The little girl says she will giving him punishment to do sit ups.

Mayura comes where Omkar is and says now goddess will do justice. She throws the trisul, it passes by Omkar’s side but he gets shocked to see that she had actually attacked the bee hive. Mayura takes a shawl and covers herself up. Swarm of bees attack Omkar badly. He suffers in pain. He walks around painfully. Women and kids on road feel disgusted seeing Omkar’s face bitten by bees.

Mayura is seeing all this. She thinks now the main drama will start. Some people pass by carrying mirror and Omkar sees his reflection on it. He feels terrible and disgusted seeing his own face. He gets distraught and runs to his home. At home he passes by Sankar and Manjiri but goes straight to his own room. He sits crying painfully.

Mayura is sitting outside his room door and starts telling him how she has always heard questions if men feel pain or not, but why no one cares about the pain women go through. She goes to reminding him how he attacked her face. She tells him now he was just bitten by bees which will recover in few days still he is feeling so much pain, imagine what she went through when he cut her skin mercilessly .

She tells him he felt hurt when people on road ignored him and she had felt more pain when people threw hate on her seeing her face with scar given by him. She then says he cannot wear scarf or hide his face with cloth so she made a mask for him, and passes it to him from below the door, also she gives him homeopathic medicine in case his pain doesn’t subside soon.

Throughout the time, Omkar is in pain and crying helplessly.

Omkar picks up the medicine given by Mayura. Mayura tells him his actions are such that she should give him poison but she is too good to do that. She tells him her soft heartedness is her weakness. She tells him he may or may not trust her medicine. Omkar is trembling out of pain inside the room.

Mayura thinks Omkar will realize tonight how dark and lonely one night can be.

Mayura thanks Goddess and asks for forgiveness for distrusting her. Sankar comes and praise and encourages her. Mayura is confused if she should continue this battle, as she feels guilty seeing state of her family. Sankar tells her about example of Arjun and Krishna… At Mayura’s home, her parents are worried about Mayura’s safety.

Dadi tells they are doing wrong but still she is worried about Mayura. Even Sanjay is worried as he thinks Omkar will go more hyper after Mayura got him bitten by bees.. Sankar tells Mayura she need to fight the battle and can’t stop in middle. Mayura says she will fight as now it involves all people around her. She says she wants Omkar to realize his mistake so that he never repeats it. Sankar says they will see in morning if Omkar has any effect.

Manjiri is crying at Omkar’s room door to open it as he hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. Omkar comes out confidently. He throws the medicine Mayura had given him in front of her. He thinks Mayura may have thought he won’t come out of embarrassment. He goes outside with Balli.

Mayura is talking to Ashutosh and Sanjay on phone and informs him about Omkar going out angrily. They ask her to be careful. Suddenly someone comes there and call gets disconnected. It’s shown Balli and his men are beating up Sanjay badly.

Omkar puts stamp of divorced on Mayura’s cheek. Mayura laughs at him and tells she won’t give him divorce. But Omkar says he will make sure she signs the divorce paper before the stamp on her face gets washed off.

Precap Mayura and Omkar are shown marrying again. Mayura shows her full face to Omkar and he feels disgusted.

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