Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Omkar gets blinded by superstitious beliefs.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: Will Mayura go to find Omkar?
Pinjara Khubsurti Ka Spoiler: Will Mayura go to find Omkar?

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 2nd March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Omkar getting frustrated thinking about all that happened. Manjiri comes and says with her plan even snake got killed and stick also didn’t break. She says when Omkar had called her to inform about Mayura leaving home, only this idea came to her mind. She says they cannot let Mayura go anywhere as she is carrying their inheritage. Manjiri says they have to make her understand by love and also do what Agrima Devi says. Omkar says he doesnt want to hurt Mayura but he wants to keep his baby safe.

Mayura talks to Ashutosh and says everything is fine, she says he is really worried about Mayura and baby. She also says Omkar is a changed man now. On other hand Omkar in his obsessive tone says he will do anything to keep Mayura at home till she safely delivers his baby.

Mayura gets shocked to know that there is complications in her pregnancy. She says she had taken care of herself well, how did this happen. Doctor says that her baby’s heartbeat is very weak. She advises Mayura not to move at all, she says Mayura to get complete bed rest. Mayura cries and says she will do everything as she stays to keep her baby safe. Mayura and Sankar prays to Goddess.

Later its revealed Manjiri had paid the doctor to stay those things, she asks the doctor to do whatever she instructs for next 9 months. She says she will do everything unless it harms mother or baby. Omkar says he is doing all this to keep them safe. Doctor asks why is he believing in superstitions, Omkar shuts her and asks her to leave. Manjiri tells Omkar that Mayura is doctor so understands things better in their language so she had to do all this. She manipulates Omkar against Mayura. Omkar says all this will continue till he gets his baby.

Omkar picks Mayura in arms and says he had told her he can pick her up even when she becomes fat,he makes her sit on the swing and is excited about godbharai ritual. She says everyone will come and Nisha is also coming. Omkar says she should have her meal now. He brings porridge for her. Mayura says she is tired of eating this plain food. However Omkar makes her eat it, she sees maid passing by carrying pickle and feels like eating it. Omkar recalls Agrima Devi had said baby will be born blind if Mayura eats anything sour or spicy. He throws the pickle away.

Mayura gets startled and says pickle is safe and her mother had made it. Omkar however talks to her sweetly and convinces Mayura to eat same plain food. Later Mayura talks to Sulekha on videocall and she says her to do whatever Omkar and doctor tells her. Ashutosh tells her she didn’t come home since 4 months. Mayura says its because of doctor’s restrictions. Suddenly dadi faints during videocall.

Mayura gets shocked and runs to go to her home. She calls Omkar but cannot contact him, even Manjiri is in puja so she leaves without informing them. Mayura reaches her home, dadi is fine, doctor says she had weakness due to weather changes. Omkar and Manjiri comes there. Mayura says them everything happened too fast so she couldn’t inform them. Ashutosh asks if Mayura can stay overnight. Omkar gets angry but Manjiri controls him.

Omkar says they can meet Mayura tomorrow at ceremony. After returning back to home, Mayura plans cute surprises for Omkar and asks for forgiveness. He says he isnt angry but just upset. Mayura says she wishes baby to come soon. Omkar says the same. Later Manjiri instigates Omkar and says him that Mayura’s family are bad omen for the child. Omkar thinks he will do something to prevent them from coming to ritual tomorrow.

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