Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Mayura agrees to do arrangements for Omkar’s wedding

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura saying she will stay there as per Omkar’s orders and she will do all the marriage preparations. Omkar listens to her. Ashwaria’s mom  asks why Omkar is so silent. Ashwaria tells it’s her Omkar’s style and get shy.

Mayura again says Omkar that she will do exactly what he says. But Ashutosh comes there and says she won’t do anything. Mayura gets shocked seeing Ashutosh. He tells her to stop all this and come home with him. Let Omkar do his marriage. Ashutosh holds her hand but Omkar also holds her other hand and stops her.

Mayura tells Ashutosh to listen to her and let her stay there. Ashutosh denies to do so. But finally gives up when Mayura insists a lot. Omkar and Manjiri praises Ashwaria’s beauty. Manjiri tells Ashwaria to come inside. Mayura stops her and says as she is doing all preparation for wedding, she should the first Aarti for new bride too. She does the rituals. After that when everyone leaves, she does Aarti for herself and says congratulations Omkar for getting married.

In room, Ashwaria and her mom are very happy about the marriage. Ashwaria’s mom says her she is lucky that Omkar chose her. She also tells since childhood she wanted to stay like a queen and now she will get that life. She says Ashwaria will get lot love and respect there.

But Mayura comes and says along with that she will get lot of scars and pain too. They look on. Mayura reveals her full face. They feel disgusted seeing her injury. Ashwaria tells her to hide her face or else she will get bad dreams. Ashwaria’s mom also tells her to hide the scar.

Mayura goes on to tell how Omkar had given her the scar. She tells Ashwaria that she will get trapped there. Ashwaria ‘s mother taunts Mayura and says she lost her beauty so now she is jealous of her daughter. Manjiri also comes there and asks Mayura to shut up and leave. Mayura keeps pleading Ashwaria not to marry Omkar or else she will get locked in prison.

 Ashwaria says Mayura is right. But if prison is like this palace, she will happily stay there for her whole life. She goes on saying how Indian girls are habituated to live their lives in limitations. She says she won beauty contest just for fun but her real dream was to marry rich man like Omkar. She goes on saying how she is comfortable in living a life just the way Omkar wants her to. She tells Mayura had to face problems because she denied Omkar’s wishes. 

Manjiri gets very happy hearing all this. Omkar comes there and tells Mayura to stop instigating his Ashwaria. He taunts Mayura and asks her to  go out. Mayura grinds mehendi for the ritual. She shouts and tells Omkar she has grinded Mehendi. Next day Omkar and Mayura collide and Mayura falls on him. Omkar looks on.

 Mayura taunts him and asks him if he actually loves Ashwaria or her beauty. Because when he was standing with them he was just looking at Mayura instead of Ashwaria. She asks him if he is so habituated of her that if he doesn’t see her around he gets anxious. Omkar says her to do all the arrangements for mehendi and sangeet properly.

 Mayura’s dupatta gets tangled in his watch. He removes it and goes. While Mehendi is being applied to Ashwaria she suddenly feels sangmarmar pieces hurting her. Manjiri thinks  she had mixed those pieces so that she can taunt Mayura in front of all. She scolds Mayura but Mayura denies adding it. Omkar says Mayura may not have seen properly as she needs to hide her face. He says to start next sangeet ritual.

Mayura dances sensually on chhaliya chhaliya. Omkar drags her inside. He tells all her pride will be broken soon. She tells him she still has another day. She goes on to say now that he thinks she is shameless, she will do all rituals for his first night too like decorating bed, carrying glass of milk. She says him just like he destroyed her life in a moment, may be in a moment she will change his life too tomorrow. She is eagerly waiting for tomorrow.

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