Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 6th August 2021 Written Update: Omkar and Mayura’s love finally wins

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 6th August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vishakha confessing her crimes and tells about her past birth. She asks her men to tie up Mayura’s family too. Ishan asks her what is she doing. Mahesh gets angry at Vishakha and shouts at her. Omkar and Mayura share an emotional moment. Vishakha tells that they are in same situation as 20 years before. Omkar’s mother asks him what is she saying. Vishakha tells about Mayura and Omkar’s rebirth. Vishakha tells about how she had killed Omkar and Mayura in previous birth because her brother died due to Omkar and Mayura loved him.

Vishakha tells that as both Omkar and Mayura are skillful in sword fighting, she will give them one last chance just like she did in the previous birth. She calls a sword fighter Rakha and tells Mayura to have a match with him. Mayura starts fighting and while Vishakha is distracted watching them, Omkar stealthily goes from there. Its revealed Omkar had replaced Rakha by hitting him with the vase. Omkar quietly starts unties everyone’s hands but Vishakha recognizes him. She threatens both Omkar and Mayura and tells them to bid final goodbye to their families.

Omkar and Mayura share emotional moment with their family members. Omkar asks Naina for forgiveness. She tells him to do something. He says now nothing can be done. Mahesh apologises to Mayura and said he had become blind in greed. She tells its ok and she just wishes for his happiness. Vishakha points gun at Omkar but he throws it away using his sword. Mayura points sword at Ishan. Omkar tells Vishakha to free all the family members or else she will lose her son.

Vishakha pleads them to leave Ishan and tells her men to free everyone. Mayura tells they are not evil like her. Vishakha pushes Mayura and holds sword against her neck and again ties up everyone. She tells this is the time to end them once again and takes both Omkar and Mayura along. Police arrives there and Vishakha starts her acting, she says Mahesh is threatening her and has also killed his daughter and her lover. She tells police to come with her and she will show them the dead bodies.

Vishakha brings them to room and says dead bodies are here but gets shocked seeing there is none. Omkar and Mayura come out alive and its revealed Ishan had helped to untie Mayura’s hands earlier. Mayura and Omkar tells police that its Vishakha who had tried to kill them.

Omkar shows the recording of Vishakha’s confession in phone which he had dropped in Naina’s purse while talking to her. All the family members share an emotional moment and Bela suggests Omkar and Mayura to get married. Mayura and Omkar get married and recall all their memories. The episode finale comes to an end with Omkar and Mayura finally reuniting and becoming free of all the Pinjaras.

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