Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th December 2020 Written Update: Mayura fails Manjiri ‘s plans.

Pinjara Khubsurti Ka 9th December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mayura thinking how Omkar and them are so thankless. She thinks even if he says thanks or not she will make him say sorry. She thinks she will keep showing her face to him unless he says sorry.

Manjiri is scolding the staffs and asking how did the vessel drop from their hands. They say they slipped due to something on the floor. In the kitchen Omkar is looking around. He finds talcum powder on the floor. He thinks how did it come there as Manjiri is allergic to it and both Omkar and Shankar doesn’t use it. He remembers when he fell on  Mayura. He thinks this has been done by her.

He goes and holds her tightly. He asks her what does she think of herself. She herself planned to kill him and then became great by saving him. Mayura shouts at him and tells if he even understands what he is speaking because she isn’t understanding at all. Omkar tells her she had dropped the powder in kitchen so that vessel falls on him and then she can gain scores in his eyes by saving him.

Mayura says she isn’t like him. She says she did big mistake by saving him and shouldn’t have saved him. Omkar says she indeed did big mistake and now he will torture her every second. He threatens her. While at room Ashwaria is crying and asks Manjiri if she married Omkar for no reason as he has no time for her due to Mayura and her related problem.

 Even Ashwaria’s mother shows her concern. Manjiri tells her to stop crying or else she will get dark circles and her face will become pale and Omkar won’t like it. Ashwaria says she won’t cry. Manjiri tells Ashwaria to stop her sisterhood with Mayura. She tells she has invited a priest and will ask Mayura to cook kheer for him. But what will be outcome of her cooking will be decided by Manjiri.

In kitchen, Mayura is cooking kheer. Manjiri tells her to cook well. Mayura asks her what is she doing here and that she can do her work. She asks her to leave. While Mayura is looking on the other side, Manjiri along with Ashwaria adds salt into the kheer.

Mayura gets suspicious but she doesn’t she anyone. Manjiri and Ashwaria are happy as they successfully added salt to kheer and spoiled it. Ashwaria tells Manjiri she is very clever and her brain works very fast. Priest comes to their home. Omkar washes his feet and tells him he must be hungry so he should sit and have food.

Omkar asks Manjiri why she asked Mayura to cook. She says she couldn’t allow Ashwaria or else what if her body parts gets burnt. Moreover Mayura is here to work for them. Manjiri thinks once priest eats salty kheer he will scold Mayura badly and throw her out. Mayura serves food. Manjiri tells priest to start with sweet dish as it’s their ritual to start and end with sweets.

Priest asks Mayura what’s the mark on her face. Manjiri says it’s result of her deeds. Priest doesn’t agree to her. He says even though past deeds decide present, future will be decided by present deeds. He blesses Mayura for feeding a hungry priest. Manjiri thinks soon he will curse her.

 Priest takes a bite of kheer and looks amused. They ask him what happened. He says he has never eaten such tasty kheer before. He blesses her a lot. After finishing the food he blesses Omkar to be more successful and have prosperity. He tells Mayura she has blessing of goddess Annapurna and tells her to be always successful.

Manjiri feels annoyed. After priest leaves, Manjiri says she wants to taste the Kheer to know what special is added in it. She spits it out feeling terrible. She says it’s full of salt. Omkar says how could priest eat if it was full of salt. Mayura says kheer didn’t have salt. Then she explains how she made néw kheer for priest as she knew Manjiri will do something wrong.

She says she placed salty kheer for Manjiri. Omkar shouts at Manjiri and says how could she do this. Already during temple incident he was badly insulted by priest due to Mayura. Mayura cuts him off and says it was due to his stubbornness. Omkar scolds Manjiri and leaves from there. Mayura teases Manjiri and asks Omkar shouldn’t have talked to her like this. Her plan got flop and Omkar became impressed by Mayura. Ashwaria asks Manjiri that nation wants to know what she will do next.

At night Omkar keeps thinking about Mayura and thinks why can’t he forget her. He comes out and sees Mayura isnt sleeping on her usual bed. He sees someone going out and follows her thinking it’s Mayura. That lady meets some guy outside and hugs him. Omkar feels very angry.

While Mayura is shown at kitchen drinking water and thinks when will all this come to end.

Omkar comes back inside and sees Mayura is sleeping. He thinks she is sleeping as if she didn’t go out. He wakes her up and shouts at her asking where did she go. She is surprised. He asks her if she isn’t embarrassed of hugging another man. Mayura gets shocked.

Precap Omkar is lying on floor and asks Mayura to go away

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