Pinjara khubsurti ka: Will Maurya realize Omkar’s truth?

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The popular TV show Pinjara has been witnessing huge emotional drama as Omkar was shown to lose his eyesight but its revealed he is fine and was acting. How will the truth affect Mayura again?

In the previous episode Omkar asked doctor why cant he see anything and said he wants to see Tara. Doctor gave him injection so that he falls unconscious and takes some rest. Vishakha asked Mayura why is falling for Omkar’s acting again. Mayura told she just wants to know about Tara from Omkar once he gains consciousness. Vishakha called someone and asks about Omkar’s reports which she had sent, that person confirmed that Omkar had actually lost his eyesight.

Vishakha asked her staff to take care of Tara well. Mayura got shocked to see Omkar on terrace of hospital. He said he is just a burden to everyone now. Omkar said he doesn’t want anything except Tara. He asked Mayura to promise that she won’t take Tara away from him. Mayura climbed up on terrace and tries to stop Omkar but he said he will stop only if Mayura agrees to his condition of letting Tara stay with him. Mayura falls for his words and agrees. Its revealed Omkar had been acting all the while and is absolutely fine. He said Mayura that Tara is safely with him.

In the upcoming episodes we will see why Omkar lied about having Tara with him. With Omkar playing the masterstroke and failing Vishakha’s revenge game, it will be interesting to what Mayura does when she realizes she is being used by both Omkar and Vishakha.

Will Mayura be able to meet Tara?

Will Omkar and Vishakha hurt Mayura in their revenge game?

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