Pragati’s ‘bossy’ entry in the house shocks Raghbir: Bepanah Pyaar!

Show Bepanah Pyaar is gearing up for major drama ahead. Pragati decides to re-enter Raghbir’s life to protect him from Kunti.

Next will see Harshit will try to steal some money, Raghbir will arrive at the office at the same time. Later, when Pragati will show legal papers to Raghbir, he sets them on fire. But Pragati will claim rights on his house and property and will stay back in the house.

Last we saw, Kunti ask Raghbir to promise her that he will let go off Pragati from his mind and heart. Raghbir says to Kunti that he promise her and he will never let her down. Kunti gets happy and hugs Raghbir. Afterwards, Raghbir fights with the man who said foul words about Pragati. Pragati ask Raghbir not to fight. Man about to stab Raghbir but he saves himself. Pragati worries and asks if he is hurt, Raghbir reply no pain can hurt him more than the pain she has given him.

Pragati and Raghbir’s face-off will bring more twists and turns in the show. Raghbir will question Pragati about her relationship Sahas and will misunderstand her. Now it will be interesting to watch do this misunderstanding will lead into a huge fight between Ragbhir and Pragati or Raghbir will learn about Pragati’s truth behind hiding her identity. Do Pragati will expose Kunti and will gain Raghbir’s trust back. Do Sahas will create love triangle in the show? Well, time will only tell. Keep visiting this space to read the full written update of Bepanah Pyaar episodes.

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