Preview: Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 2nd August 2019: Sonakshi suggests a plan to trap the real culprit.

In the tonight episode viewers will witness that Rohit will withdraw the case.

So far it is seen, Rohit gets adamant to punish Sonakshi and thinking she is the one who is behind whatever happened with Pooja. Venna tries to explain Rohit and ask him to listen to Sonakshi once. Rohit ignores and says he will continue with what he has decided.

Ahead, Suman suffers a heart attack and Rohit goes to attend her case. There, he overhears Sonakshi, Pari and Pulkit’s talk.

Now in the upcoming episode will witness Rohit will withdraw the case and will ask Sonakshi that he want to solve the case outside the court.

Sonakshi will agree with him and will also pay his fee.

Sonakshi and Rohit will meet in the court. Rohit will take the case back and Sonakshi will be taken aback by Rohit’s odd move. Rohit will say that he doesn’t want Pooja to face any loss.  Later, in a meeting with Rohit and Deepa, Sonakshi will share her suspicions regarding the case. Later, Sonakshi will make a plan to invite all of them at disco and mix truth serum in their drinks.

Rohit will ask Sonakshi to stop telling her Hindi soap ideas and will ask Dipa to suggest something. Dipa will suggest a plan and the trio will decide to execute it. Otherside, Pooja will get happy after hearing that Rohit has taken back the case for her sake.

What next happens and how Rohit and Sonakshi will catch the real culprit will be interesting to watch.

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